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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp

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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp | 24 October, 2011


My name is Bert i'm working by LéTÉ with two mydata smd machines and have sometimes several problems ,most of the problems try to solve it by myself but sometimes the boss also helps and i write the errors in map but first of all 4 questions what mostly happen now:

First for the TP9-UFP : What does error callibration signal instability mean? How must i solve that?

Second question for the TP9: Why does under production sometimes z motor give errors and remove tool,sometimes with no tool in it. How must i solve that?

What also sometimes happen this error : to long wait for information .... How must i solve that?

And is it so that every week the filters from both machines must be renewed?

I hope you can help me,



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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp | 25 October, 2011

Hi Bert,

For your second issue, are the tools well lubricated? If not the Midas head can fail to grab the tool and can generate the z motor error. Doing this followed by a base-centre level measurement should resolve your problem.


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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp | 25 October, 2011

...sorry,can't help u:(

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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp | 26 October, 2011

TP9 machines are good, but old machines. We ran a TP9 for many years. As the machine got older it required more and more maintenance and had more frequent small issues similar to what you are seeing. We only saw 1 of your 4 issues specifically which is the Z motor one that has already been correctly answered.

About 9 months ago we upgraded to a (refurbished) MY12 machine. This was a major step forward. Placement accuracy increased, placement speed more than doubled and down time due to maintenance/issues has decreased dramatically. Even though it seems like a big expense to upgrade to a MY series machine, it will be well worth it in the long run. All your current layouts/programming/magazines/feeders transfer over to the MY machine easily as well.

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Tp9 and Tp9 ufp | 27 October, 2011

the calibration error sounds like it is an electrical verifier issue. Are you testing parts before you place them? It could be that your centering electrodes are worn or dirty, or it could be the ribbon cables from the centering unit. If you are using the verifier clean it if you are not sure you are using the verifier turn it off.

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