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Quad 4c LAE

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Quad 4c LAE | 11 April, 2012

I have a problem setting up the LAE on my Quad 4c. I set it up for 0805, and it seems to work, although it rejects a lot of parts, at least it places "most" of them. I tried setting up on a soic14, and could not get even one to pass. I believe I have it setup correctly because when using function 31 (function 32 doesn't do anything on my machine, although the manual says to use that for leaded parts) on a picked parts, it reads back the correct values with a height of 20 (i think this is just above the leads), and an alignment type of 1. But it will not place a part, just goes back to home and errors out with the part size showing 1281x1281 (which is way bigger than what function 31 and my programmed LAE shows) when trying to run the place portion (picks fine).

My second problem is with a repeat pickup, i did two point teach, and so i taught 4 points, and gave it the rows and columns, but it always wants to try to pick from one of the corners (the second one of the first taught part). Not sure why, I did do the shift pick to get the two point teach.

My third problem is I can't understand how the component database relates to the pick and place editor database(s). What ties the two together and are the component databases cross-project/board?

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Quad 4c LAE | 11 April, 2012

1281x1281 is probably your total quad align window. Which usually means your scanning under the part. Try to scan more towards the top....instead of 20 try 5. It could be the nozzle is not seating on good or the spring on the z-rod is weak and when the vac turns on the z-rod collapses.

The data on the machine is downloaded in via central controller. When you make changes to the machine data it is not saved to the program in central controller until you upload the data from the machine.

Good luck

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