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Wave solder dross remover

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Wave solder dross remover | 2 June, 2012


I need to do the implement the new wave solder dross remover(model-DC9500)to wave soldering machine in our organization. In that i need detail action taken plan for implementation.

Please suggest and give the detail information. 1.How to implement and what are the procedure is there. 2.Is there any safety requirement. 3.Is there any chemical test required. 4.What are the analyses to be take in wave machine when using solder dross remover like component soldering.

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Wave solder dross remover | 2 June, 2012

While the only way this thread could look more like a stealth advert is if it has the word 'advertisement' blinking at us, I'll play along.

Questions are: * Have you asked the supplier Fantron Technologies [] what they suggest? * What is it about this product that you like that makes it superior to the many other established products that seem to do the same thing? * What is the support for this product? * Who distributes this product in various countries? * How much does it cost? * What is the minimum buy? * What are the environmental issues from using this product? * What are the personal health issues from using this product? * What is the self life of this product?

Let us add to this by saying, we don't work for the company referenced above, don't own stock in the company referenced above, have never known anyone who works at the company referenced above and whether you buy a product from the company referenced above or not we don't get anything for writing this. We are not "fanboys" of the company referenced above.

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