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Adding new line

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Adding new line | 7 June, 2012

Hello, I recently joined this site and this is my first post. After searching through the existing threads I decided to post my question. I work at a CCA manufacturing facility that recently added a SMT line. We used to have one line and now we are running two lines. One line uses a MYDATA My19 and the other a MY100 SMT machine. We are a low volume/high mix manufacturer with about 150 different part numbers that we build. Our kit (build) sizes range from 1 CCA per build to 20 CCA’s per build. One issue we keep running into is that when one line is building a CCA (say the My19) we will start another build on the other line (the My100) and find out that the second line needs several components (reels) that are being used on the first line(the My19). We are looking into a software fix like MYPLAN to help us with this issue. We have also discussed buying more reels to cover both lines but I feel this will just increase our inventory. Has anyone else run into this problem? Thank you for all those who respond

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Adding new line | 7 June, 2012

We've had similar issues in the past when we were running a My19 and a My12. What we decided to do in the end was allocate just enough parts needed for the first job (taking into consideration reject rate) so when another job comes around needing that part, the stockroom still had parts to issue. Management didn't want to buy extra parts not because of overstock but just plain stingy unfortunately!

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Adding new line | 7 June, 2012

The easiest (and cheapest) solution would be to just split the reels. Do you guys use the Mylabel software that MyData offers?

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Adding new line | 9 June, 2012

Thank you both ( Gnus and Phil) for the replies. I will try to answer both with a new post. I like the idea of the stock room splitting the reels but our reels are released to the floor where the Magload ( Kit building) area stores them and builds the kits. I think we could try to have them split the reels when they are building the kits. As far as Mylabel and MyPlan are concerned, we are currently installing and running tests of both software packages so in a couple of weeks we will know if they are going to be successful. We ran one line for a lot of years and the entire system we have is built on the idea of running one kit at a time. Now we are in new territory with running a second line and it’s been interesting to see the effects.

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Adding new line | 11 June, 2012

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Adding new line | 12 June, 2012

We run 1 high mix/low volume line using a MY12 with the MyLabel and MyPlan software. The MyLabel software helps reduce setup times while tracking quantities on the reels and is well worth the investment in our opinion.

As for needing extra reels on your second line....Buy an extra reel for your high volume resistors, capacitors, SOT-23, etc. These parts only cost $10-$20 per reel. This will save the company employee time not having to split a reel and guess how many parts you cut off. With the MyPlan software and the additional reels you will be able to leave the machines partially loaded from job to job further reducing setup times between jobs.

Also, you probably spent $150k to $250k setting up the second line. 1 extra reel for your 20 highest volume parts at an average of $15/reel is only a $300 increase in inventory. Management will spend $200k to setup a second line but won't add $300 to inventory? The reduced setup times ultimately lead to higher profits for each job and it won't take long to recover that $300.

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Adding new line | 14 June, 2012

Not trying to be negative but MYplan or MYlabel are not really going to help you with this. The most they will do is tell you what you already know: the reel is on another machine. Instead of dropping 5 to 10k on software think of how many reels you can buy with that. Unless you truly know your scheduling and use MYplan to tell you how to run without any possible changes (perfect world buddy)then you will not see any benefit with it. In a nutshell MYplan wants you to dump your day, week or months production into it and even then it does not tell you how to split a reel.

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Adding new line | 1 July, 2012

Thanks dyoungquist and tech 1,

Things have been crazy lately installing Mylabel and keeping up with customer demand. I have been looking into buying more reels for the high runners (caps, resistors, IC’s that we use a lot) and I think we have a shot at doing this. We’re hoping the Mylabel will help us track where the reels are on the floor because right now we are running into missing reels on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time looking for parts.

Tech 1, Is MyPlan more effective when we give it more lead time? Will it schedule for both SMT machines production and not have the same part number scheduled for a run on both machines at the same time? I get what you are saying about interruptions and changes to the schedule. Im worried about that a lot……. When I schedule the SMT build we have” HOT” jobs that pop up. If I change the schedule in MyPlan im sure it will disrupt the flow and defeat the purpose of the software…right?

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Adding new line | 26 February, 2013


We have bought more reels to cover both lines and it has helped enormously. There were about 100 part numbers that were used on both lines over 300 times per year. The majority of them were less than $20.00 a reel. We have also been using MyLabel for stock control and scanning reels on to feeders and magazines. I appreciate all the responses and have started a new thread called " CCA Supermarket"

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Adding new line | 26 February, 2013

Do you have any components that don't come off the machine? It sounds like you work for an OEM, not a CM. I used to work for an OEM with similiar changeover numbers as you. I had them make a list of very common parts that never came off the machine. And then had them buy more feeders to have people loading feeders for the next job as one was running. (but you are already doing that) Another thing that helped was we got rid of all 5% resistors and wide tolerance capacitors to cut down on the number of differnt parts.

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Adding new line | 27 February, 2013

We are a OEM and growing pretty fast. The like the idea of setting up common components on the machine. It makes sense from a set up perspective. All of our set up is off line but the set up usually lasts longer than the SMT run so we have some sporadic downtime due to no kit ready for one of the machines. We are planning to dedicate one machine to a group of assemblies and than set up permanent Agilis feeders and magazines for that line. That way we are only kitting (setting up) for one line. This is all new to us as we have increased our volume 40% in the past year and its been a wild ride..... The engineering group is working on a list of common parts because we do not design the majority of our equipment. Therefore we have a lot of part numbers for the same part and have to get approval from a customer to use another part number even though the part has the same tolerances and specs.

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Adding new line | 1 March, 2013

Another software vendor that you might want to look at is mentor valor mss tools. System has good mydata support from full programing, grouping and even autogeneration of smt parts, materials management , manual assembly,documents, and many other scopes.....just another option...

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Adding new line | 14 March, 2013

Josh, Thanks for the tip. I checked out the brochure and the software looks excellent. I don't know if the management would go for it but it never hurts to ask. I am interested in finding ANY software that would specifically run a BOM comparison on all of the assemblies we run and give a a cross matrix of which reels are common between them. We are high mix/low volume facility with dozens of product families. We do have a BOM comparison tool but it will only compare two assemblies at a time. It's going to take a long time to compare them all and I was wondering if anyone out there had come across a better way?

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Adding new line | 18 March, 2013

Talk to your buyers about forcasts. How do they know how to what to buy? They should be able to tell you what parts are going to be used on all the upcoming assemblies. Just make sure you don't get a purchase requirement report. That wouldn't include the parts you already have.

It's not quite what you are asking for but it might be closer to what you actually want.

I've also used excel to load a buncha boms on one sheet then sort by part number then used if then statements to make a column of "new" or "dup" then count the dup's for each part. That way I could see that 100n 0805 was on every product but one. And how many assemblies various parts were on.

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Adding new line | 20 March, 2013

Regarding the software part of this thread, one of our long time forum supporters has a product that also may be helpful -

Rich Larue from Unisoft says, "It looks like ANTON99 is looking for is a BOM comparison across multiple assemblies to ID like part numbers and therefore assemblies using the same reels, etc.

When you import the BOM into our ProntoVIEW-MARKUP module (see YELLOW in picture) we crosscheck the CAD and BOM and clean it up if needed and then a clean standardized bom can be generated, but we don't do this across multiple assemblies. Certainly because BOM's are now in a standardized format out of Unisoft with the quantities for each part number used available you could easily write a script in VB or whatever to do that crosscheck and pre-kitting analysis of part number quantities used per work order build etc. but I think they might want a one-button solution. It sounds like something their MRP/ERP could also handle when they are purchasing and allocating the parts...

Also they could use the Unisoft CELLS WORKFLOW MES (see pic) to track the reels (and everything in the routing steps if they wish) that is happening on the shop floor."


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Adding new line | 20 March, 2013

Just my 2 cents. If you just added a line, then obviously your volumes were too much for one line. I would definitely consider purchasing enough feeders and reels to be able to run both lines at the same time. You would probably offset the extra inventory cost by reducing downtime waiting on parts from the other line.

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