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Heller Oven rails warping

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Heller Oven rails warping | 20 February, 2013

I am wondering if anyone has had issues with their Heller oven rails warping. It appears that our 1800EXL and 1900W oven rails sag after time. They eventually contact the safety mesh and then create hestitation of the chain, thus creating defects. The rails need to be placed approx. every year or so. The ovens are used for both leaded and lead free operations. Our oven setpoints are no higher that 290 degrees C. Is this common to have to replace rails every year? How long should oven rails last? Do other oven vendors exhibit this problem? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Heller Oven rails warping | 21 February, 2013

We run 3 Vitronics XPM2's, our newest is 3 years, oldest is 6+ and I have not seen our rails warp the way you're describing. I would be plenty frustrated if I had to replace rails this often.

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Heller Oven rails warping | 21 February, 2013

Currently having Elecrtovert and BTU - no problems with both. Before use to have Vitronics aand Heller - and no problems with the rails. However I had other problems with Heller which makes me think that they are going deeper with the bad quality parts.

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Heller Oven rails warping | 27 February, 2013

Sorry to hear of the difficulty with the rails on these systems. The 2 machines mentioned are 10 years old or more. The rails typcially last quite a while but replacement after 10 years is possible. Please feel free to e-mail me directly to discuss this and I will be happy to send a tech to your place at no charge to analyze the situation and show you the updated rail system currently in use.

The oven design has changed greatly in the past 10 years and I think you will be pleased with the new rail features.



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Heller Oven rails warping | 8 March, 2013

We have 1880 Heller about 12 years old and running like a charm everyday. I doubt that lead or non-lead operations will have anything to do with it. Do you use high temperature lubricant on edge hold chain and rail periodically? This may help to ease the slippage on your rail. Try it, if it does not work; you should contact Heller ( Technician named Moonir is very knowledged and helpfull ). Hope this will help and good luck. Aybars

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