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cracked joints

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cracked joints | 12 July, 2013

Sorry to build up your hopes.

The latest thing to hit the air ways at work, I was accessed of fiddling with the oven settings, because there were reports of "cracked joints" there was no mention of where the cracks were, cracked at the pcb or cracked at the SMP edge (like capacitor resistor etc)

I have absolutely no desire what so ever as to want to adjust any of the oven settings.

There was no mention because someone else wants me to put solder flux in with the non leaded pastes maybe that had something to do with it.

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cracked joints | 15 July, 2013

I am pretty sure that is a moisture issue. You should probably bake your boards and some of your parts.

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cracked joints | 18 July, 2013

Thanks for that, sorry Im late

setting (set by someone else)

Speedline Bravo Top 1st chamber, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. 170° (c), 180°, 190°, 270°.

Bottom 170°, 180°, 180°, 260°

chain speed 27cm/second.

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