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Flying Probe

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Flying Probe | 8 October, 2014

So I got this engnieer that says the boards I waved for him dont pass his flying probe test. What the heck is a flying probe? If it's anything like my doctors probe, I don't want anything to do with it!!

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Flying Probe | 13 October, 2014

Hi Larry,

Picture a old lady with a set of knitting needles with leads attached to them, pressing the needles into different points of the PCB (pads, test points or component leads) and measuring resistance, inductance, waveforms etc between these points. Some machines may untilize 3 or 4 grannies.

All goes well until someone takes this lovely, clean surface mounted PCB and sprays some nasty toxic concoction on it (too much normally), and then doesn't heat it up long enough for this nasty chemical to evaporate off, before sending it over the molten river styx.

Now this once clean marvel of technology is covered in minging flux residue and the poor grandma can't push her needles through this crap to make a clean contact with the PCB.

Same for ICT, hence the development of flux buster pins.

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Flying Probe | 15 October, 2014

Rob, I couldn't write it better, really sometimes we mess up a pristine surface mounted pcb with the nasty ol'flux, but anyway a flying probe is that a set of needles touching a pristine surface of a pcb, to test different components, try in youtube there are many videos of what a flying probe is and how it woks.


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