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VisionMaster 3D SPI

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VisionMaster 3D SPI | 14 October, 2014

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) with VisionMaster 3D SPI?



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VisionMaster 3D SPI | 18 February, 2015

Hi Rob,

Not sure if you made any decision on your SPI requirements. The recently established VisionMaster (Long history of previously shuttered business names) company sells products similar too, but not the same as the past "VisionMaster branded" products as sold directly through ASC International since 1996. Two distinct companies and products now for good reasons. ASC is based out of the USA and offers the VisionPro series of SPI and AOI products. The remodeled VisionMaster company sells/supports SPI through Maine and another arm in Lahore, Pakistan - where the main director of VisionMaster is from originally. Check out ASC International if you are looking for a quality SPI product with top level-direct support, based in the USA...Or you can roll the dice with VM.

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