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PCB dfm | 14 November, 2014

Need some help, i'm just new with design and I need to know what software is out there that can answer all my question: able to generate/create correct stencil aperture; Can modify/ edit or redesign the main file(ODB++, Gerber, etc); Can generate centroid data from Gerber,CAD, etc. ;Can compare 2 different Gerber file; Can check correct pad design and Can perform DFM verification. Appreciate the help.Thanks

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PCB dfm | 17 November, 2014

I would evalauate: - Looks powerful, but also with a quite complex, confusing and messy interface. - Looks very promising, I found it quite nice to use but there were things missing, like parts that are not rotated in 90 degree increments. offers a whole raft of software options, I have played briefly with it but not recently, I encountered crashes, utterly baffling icons and a very very dated feeling interface (1995 all over again). However I think almost everything that should be there probably is.

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PCB dfm | 17 November, 2014

I am trying to evaluate Fab300 right now and your right it is easy to use but their are some things missing. I will be looking at the others you mentioned. I have been looking for nearly a month now so Thanks alot.

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PCB dfm | 18 November, 2014


PCB dfm | 30 October, 2015

I would try FAB 3000 for Advanced DFM checks, I believe since your post, many updates and bug fixes have been completed.

Or if you're not looking to spend so much $$, try DFM Now PRO.

Here's a comparison grid showing you all the features.

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PCB dfm | 30 October, 2015

We've been using the Fab 3000 for about 5 years now. Priced right for the features that are offered.

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PCB dfm | 9 November, 2015

Hi Phil,

They are now pushing a lease model which keeps the cost down.


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