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Mosfet checking

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Mosfet checking | 28 December, 2014

Can you give any idea on how can I check if the MOSFET in the circuit is defective or not. do i need to remove it from the circuit to test it.thanks alot

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Mosfet checking | 30 December, 2014

Power up the circuit, and see how it performs. Check voltages at the input and the output, and compare to a known good board.

Otherwise, you can check resistance in an un-powered circuit. Compare the readings to a known good board.

cheers, ..rob

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Mosfet checking | 31 December, 2014

I have 4 boards already burn, that's why I want to check it prior power input. Is their a way I can check if it is in good working condition. I suspected it to have source to drain short but not sure on how to check it.need help thanks.

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Mosfet checking | 31 December, 2014

If you suspect a short, check the resistance on a new board that hasn't been powered up. The data sheet should give you the junction resistances that you're looking for. Double check against a component not assembled on the board.

If you measure a short, take the part out of the circuit, and measure the pads. This will isolate the FET from the rest of the circuit. The cause could be the FET, the board, or another component in the circuit.

cheers, ..rob

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Mosfet checking | 1 January, 2015

Will do...thanks

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