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I am looking for a high quality PCB manufacturing who can d... - Mar 09, 2015 by Maxim  

Try South Bay Circuits ... - Jan 06, 2016 by Robert  


pcb manufacturing | 9 March, 2015

I am looking for a high quality PCB manufacturing who can deliver high quality circuit board in fast manner and with reasonable cost. Can anyone help? Thank you, Maxim

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pcb manufacturing | 10 March, 2015

There are a bunch of us on here that can do just what you're asking.

I'm one of them. Check out my comapanies website at

cheers, ..rob

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pcb manufacturing | 11 March, 2015

Avcom SMT, Inc.

We would love to give you a free quote. Here is our website and a YouTube video to check out some of our capabilities.

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pcb manufacturing | 11 March, 2015

There are many PCB manufacturers around, but I really like pcbbasket as their quality is good and cost is very low, plus you can select the manufacturing time. So you get reasonable pricing with good quality. Check out: These are other companies: Express PCB, Quick PCB, …

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pcb manufacturing | 3 April, 2015

We are the professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China with top quality ,quick turn and turnkey service. 16 layer PCB in 12 days .pls see .

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pcb manufacturing | 3 April, 2015

My company provides high reliability assembly. Let me know if I can assist with your requirements.

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pcb manufacturing | 16 April, 2015

Hi Maxim,I'm Wennie from Welldone Electronics Ltd, Shenzhen, China.Nice to know you. We are a high-quality PCB manufacturer and can help you. If you have any interest, pls do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Wennie

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pcb manufacturing | 17 April, 2015

PCBshopper(, a professional web where provide many PCB manufacturers choice with the detailed price. You can just come there to have a try.

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pcb manufacturing | 4 May, 2015

Thanks for sharing with it. I also use it for my PCB orders. And now I recommend, it is a good Fab in China

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pcb manufacturing | 20 May, 2015

Please visit We've been supplying prototype ,standard and special PCB to users in more than 40 countries. Urgent service is available and no restriction to order quantity to fit into your different purposes.

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pcb manufacturing | 27 May, 2015

high quality PCB with lower price, That is what King Sun PCB technology company can do for you,Increasing 15% profits for your company. an advancing with The Times of PCB manufacturers have UL certification, advanced technology and years of experience and excellent team. Contact us: Regards Julie King Sun PCB Technology Co.,ltd

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pcb manufacturing | 20 June, 2015

Have you heard about Smart Electronics UK. They assure UK quality and extremely quick service. Also they support with components sourcing and stocking for future orders.

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pcb manufacturing | 26 June, 2015

There is a new website to source and see reviews on manufacturers.

They have PCB and many other different manufacturing categories as well. I've used them a few times for finding new vendors.

Hope it will help.

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24Hour 2 layer PCB / 48Hour 4 layer PCB / 48 Hour 6 layer PCB | 9 July, 2015

Hello Maxim, we offer below services with Popular Competitive Pricing: -Express PCB Prototyping(2-28 layer) -HDI PCB -Flexible Printed Board(1-8 layer) -Flexi-rigid Printed Board -High Frequency Board(Rogers,Arlon,PTFE) -Blind/Buried Via Board -High Tg Thick Copper PCB (Up to 6oz with TG180) -Metal Core Board and Metal Base Board -Mix-Material(FR-4+Rogers) Multilayer PCB -Embedding Resistance/Capacitance Board -Halogen-free/Lead-free Board -Thick Gold Plating/Immersion Gold/ENEPIG Board -Laser Electropolished Stencil Kinkly drop us gerber file and see if we can work together.

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pcb manufacturing | 4 November, 2015

Hi Maxim.So many replies.For the best price maybe you can turn to China.Try some and you will find the best one! Good luck!

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pcb manufacturing | 9 November, 2015

Hi, I would recommend rush pcb which provide you a full turnkey pcb solution. (Europe)

This is without any doubt the best source of low cost pcb with great quality and fast delivery.


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pcb manufacturing | 6 January, 2016

Try South Bay Circuits

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pcb manufacturing | 8 January, 2016

hi, hope I'm not too late for your attention. suggest you, just 12usd, 2-3days for 2layer PCB prototype and the quality is amazing (ISO9001:2008 Certificate).

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pcb manufacturing | 13 January, 2016


Here is our factory production capability: Shenze Electronic PCB Specification Layer Count 1 to 35 Layers Material Brand Shengyi,KB,GRACE,ISOLA,Rogers,Taconic,ARLLON,Bergquist Base Material FR-4(TG135,TG150,TG170,TG180),Halogen Free FR-4,Ceramic Substrate, Board Thickness 0.25mm to 6.0mm Copper Foil 0.5 to 6 OZ Max. Panel Size 1230mm X 560mm Min.Line Width and Spacing 3mil (0.076mm) Min. Hole size machine drilling:8 mil (0.20mm) / laser drilling:3 mil (0.075mm) Type of finishing HASL、ENIG、IMMERSION SILVER、OSP、Electric plating goldfingers、ENIG+OSP、ENEPIG Soldermask GREEN,WHITE,BLACK,YELLOW,RED,BLUE,PURPLE,ORANGE Carbon Print Yes Carbon Thru-Hole Yes Electrical Test Voltage 10 to 250 volts Electrical Test Continuity 10 to 1000 ohms Profile Punching,Routing,V-cut beveling

If you have some special technology pcb that your current supplier can not do it,welcome her,I'll quote to you within 24 hours.

Skype: crystal-pcb

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pcb manufacturing | 14 January, 2016

Hi There ,

Glad to contact with you , Here is Saimen in Tianweisheng , wish we will have a good cooperation in the furture if we have the honor . Our company is one of the largest custom-made PCB manufacturer in China. We can OEM,ODM,EMS single side,double side,multilayers and aluminum pcb, FPC board in different finishing,with high quality and competitive price.

a.Short lead time. b.Reply and delivery in time. c.Contact with us at any time. d.Good after service. e.Quality check several times before shipment.

Once I receive your reply, I will send our best price for you as soon as possible. Thank you very much, waiting for your kindly reply. Have a nice day

Sincerely ,


Shenzhen Tianweisheng Electronic Co., Ltd Tel:(+86)-0755 2908 7997 whatsapp :(+86)13418454254 Skype: E-mail: Address:Gongle, Xixiang, Baoan District

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pcb manufacturing | 28 April, 2017

I tried a PCB prototype service previously called Wellpcb and was happy with the cost and lead time. From their website online PCB calculator, manufacturing 10pieces of 100 × 60mm 2 − layer PCB will cost you around $27USD.

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pcb manufacturing | 31 May, 2017


I would like to help you. My company ICAPE has 35 PCB manufacturing partners in China.

We can beat any price hands down. Full service provider. I can deliver you great price, good quality as well as lead time.

You can imagine with 35 partners at our finger tips how competitive in price we can be.

Please contact me. I will give you my information below.

Julie Farrell Account Manager ICAPE-USA Inventrek Technology Park 700 E. Firmin Street, Suite 228 Kokomo, IN 46902 USA Direct: 1+765-480-1351 Email:

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pcb manufacturing | 6 July, 2017

Hi I feel like ,I can surely help you in this matter. I too was searching for an assistance in PCB manufacturing and layout for my project work going on. I was a bit confused regarding the process,and was looking for someone for the technical support and found out the right one. A friend suggested me an electronics manufacturing services company in Waterloo ( ). It was very helpful in my case. They can provide you with high quality circuit board and in a fast manner with reasonable cost. Now I am heading to the final touch of my project work and is completely happy. I suggest you to seek their help because doing by ourselves cannot attain perfection at times. Hope you will find a solution soon.

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pcb manufacturing | 10 July, 2017

Suggest finding quick PCB manufacturers in China. There are so many professionals which can support fast shipping at a best offer.

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pcb manufacturing | 31 August, 2017

Hello ALL Good day , it is Amalia from HX Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd in China, we are a prefessional PCB factory with many years. We

are focusing on quick lead time for PCB with good service . please contact with me now ,thanks Email: Skype: amalia.zeng Sorry for bothering you here

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pcb manufacturing | 1 September, 2017


Recently, i found a company called "jlcpcb". It’s very cheap 10pcs boards. 1.2mm thick, 1-OZ copper, 6/6-mil outer (0.1525mm) just cost $2 Cheap price and lots of options regarding board thickness, colour, etc. None of my boards have ever had a manufacturing issue.

If you go to JLCPCB Prototype ordering page, you will be greeted with a simple layout, you just need to drag&drop your gerber files and select the various options for the pcb panel. They let you select the quantity, pcb thickness, soldermask color, surface finish, copper weight, temp rating, holes/traces/spacing, pretty much standard options with every board house these days.

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pcb manufacturing | 17 November, 2017

Dear Maxim,

How is everything going? This is YourPCB Technology in Taiwan. We provide one total solution for PCB fabrication. We hope that our clients can get better and better with our service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Yao YourPCB Technology Co., Ltd. Yuan Rong Technology Co., Ltd. Cell phone: 886-932-368758 Rep: 886-3-4637790 Tel: 886-3-4636511 ext. 11 Fax: 886-3-4512226 Email: Website:

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pcb manufacturing | 23 April, 2018

He produced PCB from them A very good quality


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pcb manufacturing | 24 May, 2018

ME ! High quality , Fast lead time , Reasonable Cost

it gotta be me Free Quote gerber goes to

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pcb manufacturing | 25 May, 2018

Hi Maxim, We are a manufacture professional in PCB and PCBA.

We can deliever sample within 36 hours with high quality according to your requirements.

Contact us via phone 86-17707340946

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pcb manufacturing | 3 July, 2018

About the PCB access to the site

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pcb manufacturing | 9 July, 2018

Hi! I hope you'll consider this too Just trying to be helpful here. Cheers!

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pcb manufacturing | 19 July, 2018

u got a lot of suggestions for manufacturers if u need help with design let us know

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pcb manufacturing | 19 July, 2018

Hi Maxim, For high quality PCB and best price, please contact We are a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer in Shenzhen. Welcome to login

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pcb manufacturing | 20 July, 2018

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, PCBINDEX was founded in 2006. With over ten years of experience in PCB(including PCB prototype) field, we are committed to meeting the demands of customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost efficiency, ect.. As one of the most experienced PCB manufactures in China, we take pride in serving as your business partner who can supply the PCB products which are exactly what you need. PCBINDEX is the largest PCB prototype manufacturer in China, therefore, it’s most ideal choice for all PCB users. As a high-tech enterprise in PCB manufacturing and sales, our company specializes in the design of high-speed PCB prototype ranging from 1 to 4 layers...

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