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Samsung CP45 File Save Issue

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Samsung CP45 File Save Issue | 20 May, 2015

I have a question for SamSung users. We have a CP45 Neo and it seems that when we exit the program at the end of the day it blows away our last saved .opt file. Has anyone seen this?

Here is a description of what I think is happening.

1. 8AM - We do a File-Open of test.pcb from the harddrive. 2. That copy of test.pcb is loaded into memory of the application. (Call this 8am mem copy) 3. We make changes all day, part setup, feeder location changes ect. Doing a File-Save each time to the hard drive back to test.pcb. 4. At the end of the day we shut the machine down & it has a pop up Yes/No box. (Do you want to save?). If we say YES, It appears to not just save the last live copy, but instead pulls teh 8AM mem copy we started with (the last File-Open performed) and copies THAT over our test.pcb blowing away all the changes made during the day.

Has anyone else experienced this, or something similar?



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Samsung CP45 File Save Issue | 21 May, 2015


As I heard, this problem exists on CP45 machines or older one. And, as I know, they fixed this in new version (SM310).

Best Regards, Alexei

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Samsung CP45 File Save Issue | 29 May, 2015

Hello, it is important to decide to work either with pcb or with opt files (we use only pcb), I dont recommend mixing them. When you open the pcb file, make changes, optimize it to opt file, then make save as.... and here is the trick I know - save the opt file as pcb. This always keeps your changes, it works on CP45Neo, SM321 and SM421, I have done it. Try it out and give me feedback if it works for you. Best regards

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Samsung CP45 File Save Issue | 8 June, 2015

Thanks for the feedback and the confirmation that it is, in fact, a bug. I have trained my operators to always use file Save at the end of the day (up to a network drive) & then I have an external program that archives the daily setup back into our release directory. Then they can File-exit & if the program gets overwritten we have a backup. FYI, we standardized on .OPT files as opposed to .PCBs as we too found it annoying with multiple extensions running around.

Do you know how to tell the CP45 how to default to loading/saving as .OPT as opposed to .PCB? Every File Load always defaults to .pcb and we continually have to use the dropdown to select the .opt extension, A minor thing, really but would be nice to change if possible.


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