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SiPlace HS50

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SiPlace HS50 | 26 January, 2016

We recently purchased a used HS50 and we are trying to get it up and running. We are completely new to SiPlace and I have a few questions about terminology. Machine Computer, Station Computer, and Line Computer. There appear to be two computers in the HS50, one windows based and the other SBC VME computer, I'm assuming Unix or similar. Can someone tell me what is what and if they are located in the machine or external. The two computers do not appear to be connected, do they need to be connected via Ethernet cable? We can't seem to get past 'Software Booting...' we also get a server not found error. Thanks for any advice you can suggest.

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SiPlace HS50 | 27 January, 2016

You need to connect the MC (machine controller), SC (station controller) and the LR (line computer / linie rechner) to same network. The Siplace's network is really strange because this 3 machine will communicate together. You can give the right IPs or machine datas in your Siplace Pro software - machine host, machine IPs, etc.

Did you get documents with the machine? Did you get softwares with the machine? Did you get LR with the machine?

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SiPlace HS50 | 27 January, 2016

Through trail and error we figured that out the Ethernet connections from the MC to SC. We have gotten past the Software booting wait and are now waiting to connect to Siplace Pro. The machine came with no documentation other then what the service techs left in the sleeves. I also purchased a separate computer with SiPlace Pro Desk, Siplace OIS (it looks like the server), and SiPlace SIS. I don't know if this was just a workstation or the Line Computer. It says it is not connected to SiPlace Pro server, which leads me to believe it was a workstation. We have been able to get the HS50 into Standalone Mode, and execute the SiTest program, but we are unable to get the machine to move anything. No Errors are listed and we are unable to reference run.

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SiPlace HS50 | 1 February, 2016

If you can use the standalone mode then choose the program on "option" and somewhere you can load program - "aktuell". The "aktuell" program is the last program what was downloaded on this machine.

In SiTest you can test and calibrate the machine. You can run the axis-test, head-test, etc. If your machine did not do anything without errors it is not good - or you have not connection between MC - SC.

Check the monitor when you try to boot the machine, the SC let you know its doing. Load the software, initializing, etc.

At first you need to correct the server's IP on the SC. Choose the first "mode" and siplace pro server - there you can add the server's IP. Make sure the PC's are on same local and workgroup. Siplace use a different gateway and workgroup (for me, SIPLACE_LAN).

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