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Siplace Nozzle Sleeves

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Siplace Nozzle Sleeves | 29 January, 2016

Two Questions. First, on an HS50 we found that the glass encoder on the back of one of the sleeve was fractured and fell off. I'm wondering if this is common with age or happened when the machine was shipped to us. Second, has anyone in the US purchased sleeves from the vendors in China and HK? How was the quality? Anyone know of a repair service?

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Siplace Nozzle Sleeves | 29 January, 2016

I haven't tried any of the aftermarket suppliers, nor do I know of a repair service, but I do know that ASM offers a core rebate on nozzle sleeves.

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Siplace Nozzle Sleeves | 1 February, 2016

I haven't experiences with the asian suppliers, we order replacement parts from ASM, AdoptSMT or SaleCon. Both of them has replacement parts.

Sometime this issue happens if the machine was not shipped properly. The heads need to fasten by cable tie then the sleeves can not be damaged due the shipping.

The glas encoder has a metal reinforcement which keep it safe. They are hard to break if the operators or the carrier magaged them properly.

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