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depaneling machines



depaneling machines | 22 December, 1999

I was looking at depaneling machines and i need to know the pros and cons of the different technolgies. also I would like to know personal opinioons of which machines are better and more cost effective. thanks jake

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Re: depaneling machines | 22 December, 1999

Jake: This'll get you started:

1 Read the archives 2 primary approaches to paneling are;

* Moise bites * Singulation * Routing * Scoring * Shearing

3 Major depaneling technologies are:

* Singulation (Wand 708.459.2400fax2421, Circuit Technology 708.705.2140fax2141 John Bambule, Pioneer - Dietecs (508)-643-2297 Fax: 2295 Gerry Larson) * Routing (Cencorp 303.530.0891 bill stranathan 303.772.5933x227, 0Z0 Automation 800.366.0401 Chip Gill) * Scoring cutters (FKN Systek 781.642.6820 fax 6818, Radoll Designs 912.228.0200, CAB Technology Westfield, MA 978.392.3459 fax 3601)

3 Enough pluses and minuses to get things started are:

* Moise bites (+) boards can be irregularly shaped, no board redesign (-) no one knows how to seperate the things, requires layout consideration * Singulation (+) boards can be irregularly shaped (-) expensive machine, expensive nre, kinda noisey, requires layout consideration * Routing (+) can be as cheap as a Sears $50 router (-) expensive nre, very messy, noisey, requires layout consideration * Scoring cutters (+) cheap, requires little board space (-) requires rectangular board, tough to control in fabrication, saging during soldering can limit the number up in a panel * Shearing similar to scoring (+) cheap, requires little board space (-) requires rectangular board, requires large keepout


Dave F

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Victor Salazar


Re: depaneling machines | 23 December, 1999

What we did was design or panels with routed out edges held on by tabs. This was very effective. All we use is a pair of pneumatic scissors to cut off the tabs. We are using from single-to 13 layer PCB's and we have had no problems with delamination or scrap. It took a few try's at the repanelization but we were succesful. I really simplified our depanel process.

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Bob S


Re: depaneling machines | 24 December, 1999

If you have decent volume with high mix or are a contract shop, the most flexible method is a software controlled router. Using pre routed boards with tabs is not a bad way to go but there is a price for the pre routing that may more than justify the routing equip.

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Mike McMonagle


Re: depaneling machines | 29 December, 1999

If you go with tabs/mouse bites, both FKN and Cab make simple pneumatic shears for removing the tabs. For low to moderate volumes, they're very cost effective.


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