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Universal Instruments or Mirae

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 10 August, 2017

Hi Everyone, I am working in Electronics manufacturing company and we are using universal instruments Advantis machines. Few months ago I was working in another company and they were using Mirae MR40LS and MR20LP machines. UIS machines are really slow and based on old technology. I also seen some videos of Fusion machines and feel like they are also slow and not even close to Mirae. Does anyone work on both Mirae and UIS? Pls suggest me if in future we should buy Mirae or Fusion.

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 10 August, 2017

In my past life, I worked at a CM that used Mirae "Meridian" machines Universal Instruments "Genesis" machines. The universal instruments machines were much, much faster.

What sort of head configuration did your Advantis machines have? The 30 spindle lightning heads are extremely fast. The 7 spindle and 4 spindle heads are much slower, but these are intended for placing components that are too large or too heavy for the lightning heads.

If the newer mirea machines are still using the same type of spindles (4-7 spindles in a line) that the older machines used, I don't see them outpacing a Universal with a lightning head.

One thing to consider when shopping for machines is that data sheet placement speed ratings are bogus. In the olden days, vendors could calculate placement rates how ever they wanted and were basically a flat out lie. No machine would ever reach the published speed.

The IPC tried to standardize the way placement rates were calculated. The IPC rate is still theoretical, you won't ever reach those rates in real world production. It's still a lie, but at least now the vendors are telling the same lie.

Ideally, you want a prospective vendor to build a few of your boards and give you real world placement rates. Realistically, you will send them info needed to build your board and they will simulate it and guarantee the accuracy within some range.

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 10 August, 2017

From the specs that I see online it looks that UIC Fuzion can make 150k/h and Mirae 55k/h. Define machines and we can talk.

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 10 August, 2017

Thanks for quick reply

We were using 2 MR40LS machines and 1 MR20LP machine. MR40LS machine have tow beams and 12 heads (6 heads each) and MR20LP have 4 heads. In my new company we are using 2 lighting head who have 30 heads and 1 7 heads machine. But these machines are good for simple jobs. If we are making a board witch have all LED or 0805 and 0603 components then these machines gives almost same production rate as mirae but only if a job have few feeders. On mirae we were running jobs with more than 200 feeders without any issue but advantis machines are giving me too much trouble running simple 20 feeder jobs. not only production time but it takes too much time to set up a job and to solve issue related to component packages. On mirae we can make package even for a fly in just seconds. My question is as i already know that advantis machines are not good as mirae MR series machines but I just want to know that if UIS Fusion machines are good as compared to the MR series Mirae machines. Even if Fusion machines are same as MR series machines I will buy Fusion because if i will buy Mirae then I also have to buy feeders and calibration and maintenance kits, feeder carts etc. But I also dont want to buy annoying machines like Advantis. I heard that Fusion machines are good. Should I buy Fusion or Should I go for MR series machines.

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 11 August, 2017


it looks like you are more comfortable with Mirae. From reading your post, you guys set the Mirae faster and better than the Advatis, so I think the answer is clear. Many discussions here mentioned that the machines are as good as your understanding of them. If you don't like how Universal software works now, you probably will not like how it works in future(keep in mind that for another person Advantis will be the best machine). Through the years I had Essemtec, Juki, Fuji, UIC Advantis and GSM, several Siemens models, Mydata now, and these machines are ok, but if I can get ASM, I wouldn't think for a second. In my opinion, go with the machines that you like and understand better.

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Universal Instruments or Mirae | 15 August, 2017

Yes Evitmov, you can say I am more comfortable with mirae machines then advantis. I just want to know if somebody worked on MR series mirae machines and Fusion UIS machines so he can give me an advice witch one is better. Definitely I will not buy more Advantis machines but fusion I can buy if it have same features like Mr series machines (auto teach parts, making patterns on the fly, 10 minutes changeover, silent machines, HD cameras, 120 feeder slots etc)

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