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Yamaha pick and place

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Yamaha pick and place | 9 April, 2018

Would you recommend a Yamaha Pick and place? In terms of reliability, accuracy, cph? We're looking for a pick and place that can deliver a 50 micron accuracy. What brands do you recommend for high accuracy placements?

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Yamaha pick and place | 10 April, 2018

Yes I would, most of our old Yamaha machines (before 2005) will do 30-35 microns @ 3 sigma with the fine camera option. Our Jukis with His res camera's will hit it too.

You should be OK with most things after 1997 with the right camera choice (which can still be retrofitted), so YVL88-2, YVL88X, YVL88XG, YV100-2,YV1100X, YV100XG (Philips/Assembleon Topaz, Opal or Emerald, & X & Xii variants).

I would caveat that with some of the newer YS machines that only hit 50 microns on the spec sheet.

Is it accuracy of placement you are looking for or accuracy after reflow? as we have found that with pretty much any half decent machine we can put anything on the pads. It's the design of the stencil, pads, thermal reliefs, profile and paste choice that tend to keep it there.

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