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about QP242

Charley Qin


about QP242 | 11 November, 1999

Hi, all

Who has some experience on Fuji QP 242? Is that Machine durable and stable?

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Brian E. Steelglove


Re: about QP242 | 11 November, 1999

Charley, I dont know what you define as durable but the one thing that I know about the QP 242 made by Fuji is that its slow and a very clumsy machine. The QP 242 is what Fuji calls there modular concept machine. I dont know about you but when I hear modular concept I think of a slow machine. When you really look at the QP 242 it has a placement rate of 1,500 to 3,000 chips per hour. Unlike the Panasonic Create CM 202 which is another modular concept machine that has a placement rate of 28,000 chips per hour. See the modular concept means you only have to buy enough machine for your current production requirements. But if you really think about how many QP 242 you would need if your requirement was 50,000 cpy. Too many to even count. When with the CM 202 you would only need two.

Best Regards,

Brian E. Steelglove

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Jeff Price


Re: about QP242 | 12 November, 1999


I am a Fuji Rep in the midwest. I have several customers that have these units I am sure that they would be happy to talk to you about their experiences with the QP242. Additionally I could put you in contact with the rep in your area and he would be happy to run a time study for you.

Please e:mail me if I can help.

Jeff Price

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John Queen


Re: about QP242 | 18 November, 1999

Hi Charley

Having worked on the QP2 for some time now i have my doubts about its versatility,this machine is my opinion a cheaper alternative to the IP3,which is far more accurate and more reliable. I would advise you to pay great attention to camera types b/light f/light etc,

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Michael stephens


Re: about QP242 | 21 November, 1999


I have worked on QP242's for 1 and 1/2 years. It is a very reliable machine but like all machines, PM's are very important. When I first got to NOKIA I wasn't familiar with the QP's. Mostly IP3's, IP2's. We are placing 16 mil pitch parts with very high accuracy and speed. Also micro BGA's. I get to hear all the gripes about all machines and Fuji definetely is not one of them.

Michael Stephens Nokia Mobile Phones

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