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Matrix Tray Feeders

Parvez Patel


Matrix Tray Feeders | 22 October, 1999

Hi, I am trying to locate any vendor who can supply me some 28 mil * 28 mil matrix tray feeders for test component storage


Parvez Patel SMT Lab UIC - Binghamton - New York

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Steve Restinetti (aka Bix)


Re: Matrix Tray Feeders | 23 October, 1999

Parvez, Are you looking for 28x28mm TQFP's or regular QFP's? My company has thousands of them of all kinds, let me know, maybe we can ship some to you. Thanks.


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Re: Matrix Tray Feeders | 25 October, 1999

Parvez: Most people use matrix tray feeders supplied by the placement machine supplier. Are you saying that Universal Instruments doesn't have a feeder for 28 mil square matrix trays? I'm suprised!!!! Dave F

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