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Pin in paste connectors and lead-free questions

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Pin in paste connectors and lead-free questions | 22 July, 2019

Hey all!

As background, I recently purchased a full SMT line for my company. We have a DEK 265, an assembleon opal xii, and a Heller 1500. Currently our jobs are leaded, and the heller is working perfectly.

An upcoming job that we are potentially going to start on requires lead-free, and several through hole connectors. I know the 1500 isn't the best for lead free, but these are not high quantity boards, so we can run the oven slowly, to compensate. I know they can run lead-free, as I've heard from multiple people who did it for years.

Due to the excellent reviews, I am planning on trying out the loctite GC10 (SAC305) paste. Is this a good paste to start with?

As for the pin in paste. I am finding it incredible difficult to determine if a connector is rated for the ~250c that is required for the oven. We have around 6 THT part no's that have to be re-flowed. One of them says it is rated for pin in paste, one appears not to be, and the rest have 0 mention of temperatures, outside of operating temps. Also, some mention that it can be used for "infrared reflow." If that's the case, then it should be more than fine for standard convection right?

So, what is the rule of thumb people use for reflowing connectors? If it doesn't mention it, do you assume that it isn't rated for it? If that's the case, then there are a very small amount of connectors that can actually withstand the heat..

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

PS: Here are the connector part no's:







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Pin in paste connectors and lead-free questions | 22 August, 2019

Yes, unfortunately a lot of datasheets these days do not contain the temperature resistance to determine if it can handle the PIP application. In the past I have always used a 250 C at a min of 5 sec for the material. Also, the part should have standoffs where the part meets the surface of the PCB, otherwise you will get solderballing occuring. A lot of times I have had to contact the vendor of the part in order to get this information. Time consuming but worth it.

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Pin in paste connectors and lead-free questions | 22 August, 2019

Yes, you need work with supplier to see if can run pin in paste for these connectors, even do some experiments. A step-up stencil would be good for these connectors, also connectors pin size and length match with PCB hole design.

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