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Quad QSV TEP Controller Issue

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Quad QSV TEP Controller Issue | 25 July, 2019

It's been awhile but I was wondering if anyone knows how to read the LED's on the Tep board to what they mean.

Top 4 Red 1. blinking red 2. lit red 3. off 4. lit red 5. lit red

1. blinking green 2. not lit 3. lit green 4. off 5. off

On the Gui it reads TepController1 Inialization in progress and just stays on that screen.

On the Rt it reads Setting run mode to -WAITHOST Ready for Debugger commands.

I have changed the RT Single board computer and the Tep board. Also flushed the Ram as well.

Nothing seems to be working. Any ideas or thoughts?

Thanks Much

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Quad QSV TEP Controller Issue | 25 July, 2019

Top red led is on or off depending on version of tep board.

The green leds light when the transport sensor that it communitcates with is seeing a board over it.

Tep controller init failure can be one of the following.

1. Check reseat tep card and do a bram flush of the card. 2. Check and reseat the hostess card. Make sure the ribbon cable that plugs into the top of it is seated well. Also check the pins on the board that the cable plugs into....many times they get bent....its easy to do. 3. Make sure that the ribbon cable going to the board touchstop sensor is not pinched between table and rail. 4. Reseat ribbon cables that are plugged into MIB card that is located in the back bottom of machine. The ribbon cable that runs from the hostess card plugs into it. 5. Sometimes i unplug the nozzle changers because a faulty and stuck one can cause problems.

Good luck, Bob

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Quad QSV TEP Controller Issue | 26 July, 2019

I got it BOB, just the TEP card needed seated more. Thanks

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Quad QSV TEP Controller Issue | 26 July, 2019

woohoo....good job.

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