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Vapor Phase Ovens

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Vapor Phase Ovens | 30 January, 2020

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with vapor phase ovens from Asscon, IBL, or Rehm Thermal? Looking for a medium-large machine with vacuum. On a brief look at the three companies, the options I am considering are Asscon's VP6000 and VP7000, IBL's Vac745/765 and CX600/CX800, and Rehm's CondensoXS Smart and Condenso Smartline. Rehm looks particularly interesting; however, they seem to be the hardest to find anything on in terms of specs and users.

I will be meeting with the local sales reps for each company in the coming weeks but I thought I should come here first to see what people had to say. Any help/thoughts are appreciated!

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Vapor Phase Ovens | 31 January, 2020

Hi chapeshiel,

I had at my former workplace 2 pcs Rehm oven with vacuum system, and did not work properly. Loads of hours of downtime with servicing because the conveyor system is separated in the vacuum area from the main conveyor system, and the transition is made between them while the solder is fluid, and components can shift. We got a lot of scrap from it, faulty boards, boards (small ones) falling between the two conveyor systems, shifted components, etc.

Don't know if they have managed to find a solution for that, but if you have a meeting with them, ask them if they have a model where the conveyor system for the vacuum chamber is not separated at all from the rest of the conveyor. I certainly not recommend Rehm for vacuum, but they are the best if we speak about convection soldering.

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