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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 17 May, 2021

Hi. Have an Emerald-X machine with FNC purchased refurb from Assembleon with mixed results at 3500 hours. Had it sitting idle for years due to assorted issues after their installation. Only now after much time and parts investment have the machinery running very well. With head #1, can use any nozzle..61F to 64F and equipment runs smoothly to pick and place parts all issues. Head #2 is flaky and can use F6 (teach and trace) to pick the part fine but live run at 20 / 40 / 60 percent is very much a gamble and keeps not picking parts. The vacuum on that head will sometimes go silent and just move to the feeder and do nothing to pick the part. We then lose xx parts.

Support has been ok with the factory and they report we need to replace KV7-M7111-F0 which is no longer in production. Have pinged Koganei today for details. Any experience on this issue?

The ejection is ok everytime but vacuum is not on head 2. How many of the vacuum solenoids should be replaced? We have started to clean the head 2 assembly as per their docs and will try again today. Can the Koganei vacuum part be replaced with another current Koganei part? China is quoting some used and claim new parts. Used part does not make sense to us as ours is the same. Is this a difficult repair?

We plan to buy a new machine in the future but will very much base the purchase on this experience. After the sale, the local sales from each equipment went MIA. Have been told many times to consider Juki which is the choice by Foxconn. Parts are not a problem with their equipment according to offshore suppliers.



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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 18 May, 2021

I bought similar (KOGANEI) for Topaz-X, only the coil of the electromagnet must be the same (voltage). The mechanical part is unlikely to break down - you need to disassember and clean.

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 18 May, 2021

PS. I bought in China, i'm sure there you will find the right :)

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 18 May, 2021

Thank you so much for the advice. We were suspecting blockage but know that we have clean nozzles. Did the air blow out and removed a spot of black matter - perhaps what was an old o-ring? Nozzles are 61 and 62 posing the issue. Our tech said that 64 was used with success yesterday with success to pick and place TQFP 100 devices. Appears to be ok if large nozzle so has to be some pressure issue which equates to partial blockage?

Can you advise us on which document you followed for this cleaning? We will contact Trans-tec for assistance as well. We do not want to lose the ability to use this head.

With 3500 hours, would be surprised if the solenoid is worn out. Yes, we found the part #1 new in China @ $50 usd. Koganei said they cannot sell us this Yamaha specific part which Yamaha themselves no longer support or sell.

The ejector, could only find as used.

Can you share which part you did end up purchasing? It will be very helpful to us and the Assembleon / Yamaha owner community.

If we replace the solenoid, will this issue be resolved or the thorough cleaning of the assembly is required?

Thanks again for your feedback. Very few know these older machines these days.

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 19 May, 2021

I have two machines - Emerald-X and Topaz-X. I cleaned (and changed Koganei electromagnets) only in Topaz-X - Emerald-X is in very good condition :) But my Emerald-X have SF (not FNC) heads. If head 1 is OK - change the relays with head 2 and check. You will know if the relay is bad (if the problem moves to head 1) or if it is controlling the solenoid (if nothing changes). If (as you wrote) there is silence when trying to pick element - maybe just the coil or its control?

PS1. Air is clear ? What I had without being cleaned of moisture - various things were happening.

PS2. These are very good machines - there are a lot of spare parts, a lot of feeders - new and used. Maintenance of the old feeder takes 15 minutes of work and it works like new.

PS3. Got a service manual? If not - write to me

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 19 May, 2021

Thank you Michal. Very much appreciated. We are thinking along the same lines. However, we are being very afraid to even cut the official wire ties that are securing the head 1 and head 2 wiring.

We have a new VAC2 solenoid in transit that will arrive tomorrow. Looks like there are just 2 long screws to remove and then insert the fresh one. Then we will know if the problem is resolved.

We can attempt the VAC1 and VAC2 cable swapping. We know that the VAC2 signal is fine as the onboard RED led is always lit and when the solenoid cuts off on its own, we can unplug the VAC2 cable and dock it again (hot) and the solenoid comes back on but often will go silent again. Appears to be a fatigued solenoid. Perhaps the owners before us worked this machine hard even for the limited hours on the machine. Personally we run @ 60% and only last week (years after owning this machinery and letting it sit idle due to many issues) - runs like a dream, if using only head #1.

Agree on the parts - we are sourcing great nozzles from Shenzhen, PCB rubber (ESD safe) lift blocks, etc. at very nice pricing.

We have yet to optimize the builds with the software. It is easier for us to manage rather than the scrambled format applied by the program. We are planning to purchase the P-tools program that is supposed to assist in off-line setup for the feeders, etc. Ideally would like to consider their latest machines but only after we are convinced of this technology. As of last week, it is promising (less the head #2 issue).

Thanks again Michal for your advice!

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 19 May, 2021

"we are being very afraid to even cut the official wire ties that are securing the head 1 and head 2 wiring." - do not be afraid - these are old and solid machines, made of metal, not plastic :)

Just be careful when disassembling, not to lose any parts (small O-rings, screws, etc.). Especially when disassembling the valve - for cleaning you have to disassemble EVERYTHING (it is best to clean it with isopropanol in an ultrasonic bath).

I usually took the parts from Joy"> or from Elissa (I can check the address tomorrow - a person known on this forum).

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 19 May, 2021

Elissa - SMTWenzhan ? She is great !! Have purchased many oddball and common parts from her including belts, filters, grease, etc.

BTW - We placed 01005 using a nozzle she sold us with our Emerald-X. Unbelievable !! Granted the pick was hit or miss using her electronic feeder for the part but we did it :)

We recently purchased about a 100 feeders from a closed SMT shop and are now comfortable to migrate to 0201 / 0402 all day.

On this solenoid replacement - do we just remove the 2 screws and insert the new one ? We see some thin black pads in the assembly but did not purchase any so far.

Personally am a digital design engineer but gaining confidence with this machinery. With regret, had more $ than brains when we purchased this but in hindsight, we made the proper choice. The product is solid. Elissa keeps stating for us to consider Juki as Foxconn (one of our customers) uses only Juki machines. Not sure if we have enough braincells to learn another setup.

BTW - have you replaced the floppy with a USB drive emulator yet? You should as it is amazing !! Aliexpress has them for $20 USD with free shipping. I can send you more details if this is of interest. Trans-tec took notes to suggest to their clients as well. Much easier to import from USB media rather than a 1.44M floppy.

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 19 May, 2021

The black pad (washer) should be complete with the valve.

I have replaced the floppy drives a long time ago :).

Software - do you have the optimization of the program in the machine !!! The only thing I use additionally is "PCB Synergy" to import files from Eagle (it supports other programs too) to the machine.

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Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X | 20 May, 2021

For closure to all readers of this thread...many thanks to Michal for this support. Trans-tec (USA) was great in replying to our countless emails on this topic.

We sourced a replacement solenoid # A041E1-48W for our Emerald-X = YV88X. The part was an Assembleon unit from a supplier in Florida and new. This solenoid was linked to VAC2 for our machine - identical part is on the VAC1 cabling.

Unit was supplied with 2 new screws + a rubber pad / gasket + a small nipple. Not sure about the details of the nipple but will review the manuals and chat with Trans-tec.

Otherwise, the replacement took less than 15 minutes and it appears that the problem is fixed. Now we can manually turn the vacuum on head #2 ON / OFF - every time !! We will review the pressure details tomorrow but have picked up numerous parts with success.

This solenoid appears to be available 100% new from assorted suppliers in China at varying costs ($50-$90 USD).

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