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Soldering under nitrogen atmosphere

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Soldering under nitrogen atmosphere | 16 July, 2022

Hello all,

we use a reflow oven from Rehm in our SMT production. At the moment we solder under nitrogen atmosphere (approx. 500ppm).

Now we want to reduce the nitrogen consumption (costs etc.).

What consequences can occur here? Especially on the soldering result. Currently, the PCBs are only inspected optically (3D AOI). Here it is possible to wetting of the visible electrodes/pins can be precisely checked, but we do not have X-ray inspection.

Can there be problems with voids etc. under BTC/BGAs/Thermalpads or similar?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.



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Soldering under nitrogen atmosphere | 19 July, 2022

Nitrogen is helping voids, so if you have specific parts that are prone to voids, you might start seeing more voids. Joints will probably look a little dull in comparison and this might affect your existing AOI programs.

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