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AOI for high mix low -mid volumes


AOI for high mix low -mid volumes | 16 July, 1999

We are currently looking at purchasing an AOI equipment but would like facts from present users of such equipment.

Our envirronment is as followed,

- Runs from proto to 5000 boards of the same type. - 20% PTH, 60% Mixed (with some BGA) and the rest truly SMT - board mix 0603 to QFP208 20 mil, PBGAs

We would like to find something reliable for detecting opens, bridging, missing for components from 0603 to 25 mil QFP is this feasible? Can such equipment detect pillowing or low/ high qty of solder on QFP (toe) and PLCC (heel). What are their limitations besides no help for BGAs. We plan to run this off line. And because of the nature of our business we would require as littletime as possible to program.

Anyone out there who wants to share his/hers great experience with their machine.



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