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Tear Down


Tear Down | 13 August, 2001

When I was a kid, I used to go down to Mel's Gas Station on Dalton Avenue and get busted carborators and things like that from Mel. I'd take them home and take them apart.

One time I was field stripping a carb, trying to remove a screw, but it was giving me a real tough time. So I bent over and got face-to-face with that recalcitrant screw, while turning the screw out. Just then, the last thread on the screw came free and the spring between the screw and the carb body fired the screw right into my mouth, breaking my tooth in half.

Never dampened my interest in taking things apart though. Look here:

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Tear Down | 14 August, 2001

Dave, Do u talk with a whistle then? *grinz*

Anyway, thanks for the detour down memory lane, it reminds me of my childhood, A friend and I, stuck a lawn mower motor unit, to my bike, to determine how fast a bike config, could run?

It worked alright, and I ended up with minor surgery, to correct my testicles, that were banged up, after I crashed into a playground "monkey-bar". *ouch*

That encouraged me, to develop my mad science nack, for "destructive creation", (think of it as law of energy conversion) and, taught me importance of having a braking system, on any thing that moves faster than I can walk......

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