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Mats for large mech assy



Mats for large mech assy | 21 September, 2002

Hi. Can anyone point me in the direction of a company (preferably in the UK. Scotland would be even better) I could buy mats from. I'm looking for 700mm square mats for transporting a mech assy between stages down a roller converyor. I've used ones before in my previous company. Sort of dense foam sandwhiched between two hard plastic layers to make them lighter and a bit shock absorbant. But no one knows were they were origionally bought from. Cheers

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Ken Bliss


Mats for large mech assy | 23 September, 2002

Hi Reg

We are not local to you, we are in California, but we can easily ship to you there. However we sell mat material in many types and sizes, cut to size if needed. We also offer trays for the mats for doing the type of work you describe. I do not have the exact product you described but our is close. click on PC board handling you will see a picture of the product we offer. Feel free to contact me offline for more information. Hope that helps.

Ken Bliss

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