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North Dakota State University New EM Lab Equipment Needs

James Bartlett


North Dakota State University New EM Lab Equipment Needs | 1 November, 2002


To serve microsensor research and development via the Center for Nano-scale Science and Engineering (CNSE), the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Electronics Manufacturing Engineering Group (EMEG) is looking for cost effective alternatives for equipment meeting the following minimum specifications. The end uses of this equipment also support EMEG SMT lead-free solder research and future SMT process engineering research, the local prototyping needs related to nano-technology, and the instructional needs of the Electronics Manufacturing Engineering option in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) at NDSU. Donations and cost effective proposals for equipment, supporting tools and supplies are of interest. This equipment is for a completely new laboratory at NDSU, therefore other supporting equipment, tooling, materials, and supplies are also needed as per the list below.

Screen Printer Needed: 12 x 12 frame size minimum. Good for BGA, CSP, and 0.020" pitch. Comparable to Elite Equipment model 5920 (

Placement Equipment Needed: Component range from 0603 to 25 mil pitch. Placement rate up to 1000 pph. Board size to 8" x 11". Comparable to Manncorp EXP-SA (

Reflow Oven Needed: At least 3 heating zones. At least 1 cooling zone. Maximum substrate size of 8" x 11". Option for inert gas. Comparable to Sikama Falcon 8 series (

Other Supporting Needs: Floor ESD wax, ESD tables, ESD workbenches, ESD chairs, smocks and checker, ESD lotion.

Contact person is: or 701-231-8072

Thanks for your considerations! Jim Bartlett

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North Dakota State University New EM Lab Equipment Needs | 1 November, 2002

This is a technical forum. Equipment "needs" should be posted on the Equipment Mart- see in buttons on the left.

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