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Screen Printers



Screen Printers | 27 November, 2002

My company is just getting into SMT and I was wondering what the best value is out there in semi automatic screen printers?

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CC to myself


Screen Printers | 28 November, 2002

MPM SP200 are nice. Visual alignment with cameras. Get the one with dual head if you want metal squeegees. We have produced boards with .020" fine pitch with very good results. Unfortunatly, MPM does not sell those anymore, so you have to hunt for a used one.

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Screen Printers | 2 December, 2002

The MPM SP200 was replaced by the model SPM around 1994. They also have the model UP100, which is from the SMTech purchase. The UP100 is the low-end MPM semi-automatic. Information on the SPM & UP100 can be found at

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Christian B


Screen Printers | 2 December, 2002

Hi Brad, have a look at our website Our screen printer E1 is rated best value amongst the semi autos. All the best.

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Screen Printers | 2 December, 2002

How do the MPM printers compare to DEK's price and function?

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Screen Printers | 3 December, 2002

I've got a lot of experience with both and feel MPM is the better choice, especially with rookies. Most operators and technicians prefer the MPM over DEK too. They both function the same, but the MPM is a bit more user friendly.


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Screen Printers | 3 December, 2002

Price of DEK 248 and MPM UP100 are about the same, $22-36K range.

MPM UP100 has programmable squeegee pressure. Precise, repeatable results with less operator involvement. Pressure parameters saved in board program file.

DEK 248 has manual micrometer adjustment. Completely operator dependent and controlled.

MPM UP100 offers an optional sencil wiper.

MPM UP100 has 20� x 20� Stencil frames that require no special tooling or hardware to mount to the machine.

With DEK 248 all stencil frames require (4) threaded corner brackets/bushings on the frame to mount to the machine.

MPM UP100 Table shuttle drive is electric motor driven with acceleration and deceleration control for smooth, precise, repeatable positioning.

DEK 248 Table shuttle drive is air driven and controlled.

MPM UP100 Table adjustments are made with pre loaded, zero backlash alignment mechanisms for precise adjustment.

DEK 248 Table adjustments are less responsive and use (2) electro magnetic locks and can cause the table to jump and misalign.

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Screen Printers | 3 December, 2002

Hi Brad

If you looking for an excellant new product check out Reprint Services ( ) Their R29 Screen printer is selling well in the UK and Europe and has just been launched into the far east. Due to launch this into the USA in January 2003

You can contact their USA agent who would be pleased to provide pricing. They also being ex SMTech employees sell and support the old SMTech/Quad machines in terms of spares and technical matters.

USA Agent

RPAmericas Contact - Bill Pease. President Tel - 1 (401) -254-0699 E-Mail -

Good luck in your search

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Wm. Pease


Screen Printers | 3 December, 2002

Hi Brad, Before I tell you my glove fits your hand, I'd like to see your hand. More specifically I'd like to learn more about your application. Board size range? Component size range? Finest pitch? Degree of warpage? Two-sided? etc. Contact me at and we can get into more detail.

In general, the older clamshell printers like the SP-200 and those of it's era are prone to a small amount of lateral movement of the stencil just at the moment the clamshell begins to open. This ball cone juncture induced wobble can be large enough on some individual printers to affect the quality of fine pitch printing. Stick to the vertical separation printers for consistency.

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Jon Fox


Screen Printers | 3 December, 2002

EKRA E1! When we sold these under Multitroniks, most customers had them setup and ready to go before we arrived on site. (They are very easy to learn and use) I am currently using DEK, but everything we do here is inline.

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