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How to add thru hole to SMT line



How to add thru hole to SMT line | 21 April, 2003


We have a SMT production like, however we have very little experience with through hole assembly. We design everything to be completly SMT based, however connectors are the only part of our product that still requires through hole assembly.

Currently we hand solder connectors, however this is very slow. Is there a low cost but better alternative. We tried using solder paster over the through hole and doing them in the oven, however you cannot get enough solder paste for the BNC type connectors to wet well enough.

Does anyone have any ideas to speed up this process?


Grant Petty Blackmagic Design

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How to add thru hole to SMT line | 21 April, 2003

Wave solder - Initially high cost but after that it is relatively cheap.

Selective soldering with a solder pot such as the Air-Vac PCBRM models - Much lower cost than wave but if you get the right nozzles it is a great process.

Solder preforms - solder applied to connector leads then reflowed. you would need to contact some-one like alpha-Frye and your connector suppliers to determine feasability and cost for this.


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How to add thru hole to SMT line | 21 April, 2003

What does acrinym---BNY mean? can't you use Paste In Hole process,if the pitch is large enough?You can find imformation about PIH everywhere. we have tried PIH,selective soldering,wave soldering,and found that wave soldering get the best solder joint and our customer request us use wave soldering process in the end. I think to the cost consideration,PIH is the best choose! Thanks&best Regards Bryan

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Jon Fox


How to add thru hole to SMT line | 21 April, 2003

It sounds as if the boards are designed in-house. Is this correct? If so, look for SMT versions of the BNC connector. I hhave used one from Johnson Components ( or look through for something you might be able to use. If it is not a standard BNC, like a mini-BNC or 2.5mm audio connectors or fiber check out Hirose or CUI (they are in most electric parts catalogs (Digikey, Mouser, etc...)

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How to add thru hole to SMT line | 23 April, 2003


try TEKA solder-bearing connectors. They have a "brick" of solder that reflows during reflow. They work great!

Jason Gregory

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How to add thru hole to SMT line | 23 April, 2003

Hi Grant,

You already have a few good answers.

If you have but one to a few BNC connectors I would kind of use the advice here or do what you already are doing aka hand soldering. I would not install a Wave Solder line for a really low volume of BNCs.

YiEng, MA/NY DDave

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