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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Mike J


Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 19 May, 2003

A chemical change is needed to reduce VOC�s in our spray-in-air stencil cleaner. Items that are to be considered to effectively find a replacement chemical that works as well, or better than the current chemical include, but not limited to, the following. 1. Cleaning effectiveness (criteria TBD). 2. Cleaning cycle time (including the drying time). 3. Cleaning temperature (room temp or heated). 4. Rinsing (none, DI water or tap water). 5. Waste discharge (evaporator, drain, or chemical waste barrel). 6. �Pot� life of the cleaning fluid. 7. Cost.

There are a number of possible alternative chemicals to replace the Zestron SD 300. The list below shows three possible candidates.

1. Zestron: Vigon SC 202. 2. Kyzen: Lonox 5005. 3. Aqueous Technologies: StencilWash AD.

Has anyone tested these chemicals side-by-side? Is there a chemical out there that I may have missed that should be included with the others?

Thanks in advance, Mike

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 20 May, 2003

Hello Mike,

We have just sent out the press releases.

440-R SMT Detergent, the only chemistry to complete the EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program, as part of the Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process, is now available for use in spray-in-air stencil cleaners.

440-R SMT Detergent contains no VOCs, no hazardous ingredients, cleans all types of solder paste at ambient temperature and eliminates unpleasant odors common with other stencil cleaning chemistries.

The MSDS and Technical Data are on our website:

Let me know if you would like to receive a sample.

Best regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation Tel: 1(818) 610-7900 E-mail:

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Mike Konrad


Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 20 May, 2003

Hi Mike,

Here are a couple more good choices:

Aqueous Technologies� StencilWash PLUS (unlike �BS�, I will not tout its attributes online and turn this forum into a �BILL�BOARD)

Petroferm�s Hydrex WS

Contact me offline for specific pro�s and con�s of various chemistries.

Mike Konrad

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 20 May, 2003

Mike, If your Stencil Wash PLUS product has comparable attributes to the 440-R, why don't you just say so, instead of making each interested party "contact you offline." I thought a forum was for sharing information and not for attempts at a personal "sales pitch" offline.

Providing information online allows for the checks and balances of factual information. If any inaccuracies are presented, other members of the forum are sure to correct them. If I wanted statements made offline, I would just call in the sales reps.

If anything, I think Bill should have provided more of the information of which MikeJ was asking. i.e.

2. Cleaning cycle time (including the drying time). 4. Rinsing (none, DI water or tap water). 5. Waste discharge (evaporator, drain, or chemical waste barrel). 6. �Pot� life of the cleaning fluid. 7. Cost.

By answering only selective information, or non at all, leaves me to think that either you or Bill may be hiding something.

If you take the time to answer specific questions online for all to see, it will save time for, and share the information with, all interested parties. Disinterested parties will not be reading the thread anyway.

However, make sure the information is factual and not just marketing puffery or the "doom" of the SMTNeters is sure to come down upon you.


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Mike Konrad


Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 20 May, 2003

Dear Carl,

My-my Carl, not sleeping well lately? No mater what you say, I believe this is a forum for SMT users, not SMT suppliers. When this or any other forum gets polluted with sales-spin, it is less valuable than if a �real� user provides his / her �real-world�, unbiased experience.

What value is there in a manufacturer recommending their own product over someone else�s? Of course their stuff is better than anyone else�s. Perhaps its all Latin to me, but I do not believe there is an interest in providing product platitudes ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

SMT users should provide most of the detailed data based on real world experience. Let us suppliers provide technical details that some users may require. �This product is better than that product� is only relevant and credible when it comes from someone who has no stake in the outcome. If a reader chooses to believe what a vendor says without independent due diligence, than caveat emptor (I�ll let you look that one up).

SMT suppliers should show at least a small degree of restraint. At least that�s my opinion for what its worth.

Mike Konrad

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 21 May, 2003

Zestron Has PDF down loads available on the Product listed above.

Also, Contact Jeff Stong or Guy Ramsey at ACI for a neutral opinion on these product. I know for a fact ACI has test each product and has recomendations. Sorry i can not provide details on these product specifically but wanted to provide a valid source.


Regards, Cal Communications Test Design, Inc

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 21 May, 2003

We currently use Vigon SC-202 in our spray in air system. SC-202 has 830g/l VOC content, so I don't know if that will help reduce your VOC's or not. We used Smart Sonic 440-R in ultrasonic application with great results, but we haven't tried it in Spray in Air.

Our cleaning effectiveness criteria is: 1)no more than 5 solder balls per square inch and no individual solder ball greater than 50 micron, 2) Karl Fisher moisture content less than 0.2%, and 3) ionic contamination less than 7 microgram/cm2 eq. NaCl.

Cleaning temp - 160�F, rinse 140�F, DI water rinse, we have a water treatment facility in house.

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 21 May, 2003

Hello Carl, Thank you for the feedback. You are absolutely right. I was remiss in not addressing the other questions.

2. 440-R SMT Detergent will clean RMA and No-clean solder pastes in 1 � 2 minutes using ultrasonics at ambient temperature and 5 � 10 minutes using spray-in-air machines at ambient to 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). Drying time depends on the methodology and equipment. We recommend that stencils be allowed to dry naturally as most cleaning applications are for inventory and not for production. This saves the capital cost of an automatic dryer, the energy cost of operation and serves to protect the integrity of the stencil, as stencils are heat-sensitive. If time is important, hand-held, low-pressure dry compressed air is the fasted method and safest for the integrity of the stencil (1 � 2 minutes). Automated equipment may take 5 � 15 minutes, depending on the machine, temperature and airflow used.

4. Rinsing is accomplished with small amounts of tap or DI water.

5. Waste discharge is very flexible. 440-R SMT Detergent wastewater may be processed for drain disposal, drummed or evaporated.

6. Pot Life is several months. However, depending on the filtration capabilities of the equipment, more frequent changes may be necessary due to contaminant odors.

7. The cost is approximately $19.00 per gallon as a concentrate (normal use is 10%)

If you have any questions, make sure to contact Mike K offline.

Best regards, Bill

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Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid | 21 May, 2003

Hi President-MikeK and Carl,

Well I just stopped by for awhile, and this was the first topic I read. Hey I am doing ESD research right now and I needed a break.

Mike I have to agree more with Carl than you.

Give your Data, without marketing hyperboles and we are all better off. If you have info on Benchmarking studies in some magazine or SMTA or IEEE journal all the more power to all of us users and suppliers.

Mike thanks for all your inputs.

See you.

YiEngr, MA/NY DDave

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