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SPC, PPM and DPMO | 22 May, 2003

Hi Guys,

Sorry for asking stupid questions. Are SPC, PPM and DPMO related to each other? Do they affect each other then? What is their inter relations? Can someone explain to me what are their purposes?


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SPC, PPM and DPMO | 23 May, 2003

Hi Chris, I found this site to be very useful and explanitory while calculating the sigma level of or company. It has explanations on anything and everything process control related. Regards,

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SPC, PPM and DPMO | 23 May, 2003

Hi ChrisX,

DPMO = number of defects per million opportunities. PPM (parts per million) is exactly the same, although the terminology is less clear about what it means. SPC(statistical process control) is a methodology based on statistical techniques to control a process.


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SPC, PPM and DPMO | 23 May, 2003

Here's a great book,

"Six Sigma for Electronics Design And Manufacturing", by : Sammy G. Shina, Ph.D publisher : McGraw-Hill category : Professional Engineering

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