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Hot Air Knife



Hot Air Knife | 24 June, 2003

Hi People! We are leading assembler of car audio systems in US. Since last few weeks we have extream problems with wavesolder operations, bridging is a major defect. To solve this we have decided to install Hot Air Knife. I contacted Electrovert but they are not willing to install their Hot Air Knife on Tamura's wavesolder machine. Is there any other company which can provide Hot Air Knife, which can fit to Tamura? Thanks, Tejas.

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Hot Air Knife | 24 June, 2003

Cookson would do that!!! What a bunch of whooses!!!

There' a bunch of retrofit kits available. Check the web. For instance:

We have no relationship nor receive benefit from the company referenced in the above link.

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Hot Air Knife | 25 June, 2003

You may want to try Sensbey, 1-650-697-2032 Ask for Robert Hill.

As Dave F. states, We have no relationship nor receive benefit from the company referenced in the above link.


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Randy Womack


Hot Air Knife | 7 July, 2003

Russ and DaveF, thank you for suggesting to Tejas to look for a vendor willing to consider retrofits. Sensbey has had much success implementing the HAK technology.

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Hot Air Knife | 18 July, 2003

If you are using wave pallets, you could attach copper thieves to the pallet to draw the solder away from the leads.

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Hot Air Knife | 29 July, 2003

Copper thieves...great idea...used some just today.

How about some details on the wave soldering issues? I bet there are some mega-expert super brain-e-ax on here that would love to share their lifetime learned black art. Or maybe not (kidding).

No clean WS or RMA or what....lets go to work.

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Steve Gregory


Hot Air Knife | 30 July, 2003

Be carefull about thinking that a hot air knife is going to be a cure-all to your problems. They may work in SOME situations. I have an Electrovert Electra that has a hot air knife, and to be perfectly honest, it creates more issues than it solves...disturbed solder, voids, etc...

There isn't much out there that will fix defects caused by design issues, but my best advice is to work on "tweeking" profile parameters, and then if that doesn't work, try the hot air knife.

In my experience, I could adjust things in my profile to improve yeilds. I only use the hot air knife as a last resort...and to be perfectly honest, it doesn't help all that much.

Concept sounds great, but there's a lot of drawbacks that you have to watch out for...

-Steve Gregory-

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