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screen printer from MPM



screen printer from MPM | 26 December, 2003

hi all

we are in the face of purchasing stencil printer and we are looking for off-line with vision model. We are interested in MPM stencil Ultraprint 100 and SPM. My question is about your experience with Ultraprint 100 and SPM? Which is better, more accurate and more flexibility?

best regards irun

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screen printer from MPM | 29 December, 2003

SPM is superior. SPM has larger print area, up to 20� x 19", vs. 17.7� x 15.7� for the UltraPrint 100. UP100 is microprocessor controlled while the SPM has a PC. The SPM cameras can be positioned more rapidly and with greater accuracy than UP100's. The new MicroFlex, that has replaced the UP100 in the MPM product line, has the same camera positioning system as the SPM. SPM can print down to 12mil fine pitch no sweat, UP100 is spec'd at 20mil but some users are doing 16mil. Alignment repeatability: +/-0.004" at 6 Sigma for the UP100 and +/-0.0005" at 6 Sigma for the SPM. SPM has a greater snap-off range adjustment as well, 0 - 0.3" vs. 0 - 0.1" for the UP100. If price is not much of an issue, go for the SPM all day long.

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screen printer from MPM | 29 December, 2003

I second what Pete said. If you cant afford a new SPM buy a used one. They are around $10K to $15K right now. The resale value on the SPM will also be alot better than on the UP100.

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screen printer from MPM | 29 December, 2003

SPM-AV is a very versitle printer.

I have one that is currently handling a 23.5 X 16.1 inch board. The print stroke has been increased to 21.3 icnhes. Again, very flexible machine.

We may have two for sale if interested. Email me at

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