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PCBA shelf life

Arthur Yang


PCBA shelf life | 5 January, 2004

Hi you there, Do you have any experience upon the shelf life of PCBA which passed 100 cycles of liquid to liquid thermal stress test, 125 to -35 centigrade for 15 minutes and 5 seconds of transfer time from 125 to -35 centigarde. Will appreciate if any one can provide me the documentation on this issue.

Have a nice day. UMT/ QSM/ CE/ Arthur Yang.

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PCBA shelf life | 5 January, 2004

You may struggle finding the information that you seek, because there is so much variability in the design and fabrication of boards. * What is the purpose of such a test? * What product type sees such an use environment?

Consider using the guidelines in SM-785 "Guidelines For Accelerated Reliability Testing Of SM Solder Attachments" for your particular product environmental use conditions.

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