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BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place

Gilroy Misquita


BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place | 14 January, 2004

I would like to know if there is an International standard for BGA and QFP polarity in trays for pick and place.

How are these components placed on trays and is there a polarity of the tray itself?

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ex maintain leader


BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place | 14 January, 2004

qfp tray

one corner on the holder is 45 degree cutted there is the pin 1

bga also one corner is different in the tray

at tape packaging I'm not sure, I have seen diferent comissions belong supliers

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BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place | 15 January, 2004

Polarity in tape and reel is usually always on the bottom left side. And that is correct for the trays, they have a corner taken out where the polarity goes. Hope that helps........

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BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place | 16 January, 2004

We usually program the components in the component database with pin 1 in the lower left corner. Then in the feeder database we set the component orientaion to 270 deg for Tray feeders(turn the tray in the feeder 180 deg) and "tube" feeders. For tape feeder components we usally put in 0 deg.

This means that the component is presented to the machine with pin 1 first except for SOIC and a few other packages in tape feeders. The important thing here, is to decide how You want to orient most/all of Your components in the feeders and then be consistent in all Your machine program's and feeder slot's.

The reason for this; is that it will reduce the risk for the operator to load a component in the feeder with wrong orientation. Keep also in mind that some components in trays and tubes some times have different orientation than the rest of them, already from the vendor.

Best Regards, Mika Raikkonen

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JaMi Smith


BGA and QFP orientation in trays for pick and place | 6 February, 2004

BGAs and QFPs packaged in Trays are oriented with Pin 1 or corner A1 oriented towards the Pin 1 identifier on one corner of the Tray, which is usually identified by a chamfered corner. The Trays themselves are usually governed by JEDEC Registered Outline Drawings or Standard Drawings which are covered by JEDEC JEP95.

BGAs and QFPs packaged in Tape and Reel are usually oriented as specified by EIA-481, and DO NOT have the same orientation (that is that BGAs and QFPs are usually oriented differently). It is best to go to the Manufacturers Website to determine just how they are packaged by that particular Manufacturer, or obtain a copy of ANSI/EIA-481-C for the full detailed explaination.

If in fact your real underlying question is what should be the correct normal orientation (zero degrees of rotation) of a BGA or QFP in a PCB Design, then that question is currently open for debate, and not actually defined notwithstanding the fact that IPC is about to release a Spec that deals with just this question.

Some people seem to espouse that the JEDEC Registered Outline Drawing should define zero degrees of rotation, but at the same time ignore the JEDEC Design Guidelines and JEDEC SSP's (Standard Procedures and Practices) which do not agree with the Drawings in many if not most cases. All of this can be found in JEDEC JEP95, but don't forget to look at the orientation of Pin 1 of all of the Packaging Trays while you are there, which is what actually defines the actual orientation of the device when it comes to the installation of the device by the Pick and Place Machine.

These same people seem to forget that the JEDEC Drawings are simply Mechanical Outline Drawings, some of which are just simply "Registered", and others of which have been raised to the level of a "Standard", and that they nonetheless were only ever intended to be nothing more than a simple outline drawing, and nothing more. Most of the Drawings even contradict the actual data in the Manufacturers Data Sheets when it comes to "orientation". How you can determine orientation of a component in a Pick and Place machine from a simple package outline that has been around since the first package of any given type was first conceived over a quarter century ago is beyond me. On the other hand, the JEDEC Registered Drawings and Standard Drawings of packaging Trays do in fact determine the orientation in a Pick and Place machine. Go Figure.

However, Pick and Place component orientation when using Tape and Reel is in fact defined by EIA-481, and most Manufacturers do in fact have Tape and Reel Drawings in their Data Sheets (or their Data Book or on their Website) that do in fact conform to EIA-481 and do in fact correctly define the orientation.

For my money I would follow the Manufacturer and EIA-481.

JaMi Smith

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