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Conductive Adhesives and flip chip

Ashok Thiyagarajan


Conductive Adhesives and flip chip | 11 February, 2004


I am currently having a wafer which is stud bumped (Au), I am printing conductive adhesives (with silver fillers) on the pads , and by thermocompression bonding, I am establishing the connnection between. But right now the problem is the silver flakes oxidises in exposer to air. So , i right now need a simple test to calculate the amount to silver which oxidises and i should be able to predict the life time of the part . So, any one could help me out in figuring out what test i could do upon the assembly , in order to predict almost the right now of functioning years

Thanking you Regards Ashok Thiyagarajan SUNY - Binghamton

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Conductive Adhesives and flip chip | 12 February, 2004

Comments are: * We're amazed that you can thermocompression bond to epoxy. * Silver may be oxidizing during expoxy cure. * Klein Wassink talks about aging in THE BOOK [Soldering in Electronics: A Comprehensive Treatise on Soldering Technology for Surface Mounting and Through-Hole Techniques]

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