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screen printer



screen printer | 2 March, 2004


question to people who had experience with two screen printers: MPM new one Microflex and DEK 248. Which in your opinion is better for fine pitch application and meintance. Second qiestion does anyone knows something about KISTech screen printer and their product KISflex400. ? is it worth to see it?


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screen printer | 2 March, 2004

I worked on MicroFlex. All axis move via electric motor drive. Carraige reapatability is +/- 0.0005" (12 micron). Cameras position more easily on linear bearings than the swivel type. The alignment accuracy and repeatability easily supports sub-20mil (0.5mm) fine pitch. Stencil design and condition as well as paste handling will contribute to defects more so than the machine. Oh, can't leave out Operators too.

MicroFlex is re-engineered UP100.

Best bet is to get customer references for both systems from DEK and MPM that can comment on long term durability and alignment/printing accuracy and repeatability over time.

Plus, its a good idea to test drive each one yourself.

Never heard of KISTech.

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screen printer | 4 March, 2004

Hi Kistech is a UK based company. The MD is a David Wheatley who was one of the founders of SMTech Ltd who designed and manufactured the 100MV prior to the company being purchased by MPM. The microflex is a re-engineerd version of this machine.

The KT400 is a 23" based autotable machine with a glue dispenser added.

If you are looking at the microflex and Dek248 you might also like to look to at the R29 series machines by Reprint ( USA Rep RPAMericas ) very low maintanence, better vision system and great easy to use windows based software. They have sold these to Samtec and Teledyne in the USA.

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