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Packaging of moisture sensitive devices



Packaging of moisture sensitive devices | 27 June, 2000

Hello All, My question is in regards to repackaging moisture sensitive components. I have researched the archives and found alot of valuable information. We currently have a heat sealing machine but do not have the capability of evacuating the bag prior to sealing. My question is: Will the desiccant remove moisture that is sealed in with the components if the bag is not evacuated first? Do I need to purchase a sealer/evacuator? Any comments or input would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance

Christopher Lampron

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Re: Packaging of moisture sensitive devices | 27 June, 2000

Hello Christopher You should do just fine without vacuum evacuation of the bag. Just squeeze out any excess air. Just be sure that you use active desiccant (I.E. fresh or baked). This assumes normal environmentals. I suggest that you download the free IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033 from the Jedec website. It does not require vacuum evacuation for dry-pack. Be sure that you follow the dry-pack protocols so that you can verify condition upon opening. While we do use vacuum sealing, I'm not sure I'd buy another. I should add that we inherited the sealer from a sister company and had no problems previously with using just the heat sealer. Some say that vacuum is less reliable because of the possibility of the bag being punctured when it is sucked down on a sharp tray corner or the heat seal being less than optimal where the nozzle enters the bag. John Thorup

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Chris C


Re: Packaging of moisture sensitive devices | 10 July, 2000

Hi Christopher, To my knowledge, heat seal along will not provide you the desire condition. Currently, we're using vacuum sealer to reseal all MSD restock items. If you have variety of package and constantly need to reseal the MSD parts, I'd like to suggest you an alternative. It is call Dry Box dehumidity unit. The unit is 2x2' in size and it keeps the Humiditity Level alway control at 10% and below according to JEDEC spec. The unit that I have is high effiecent and low cost, it does not need nitrogen at all. Let me know if you need further assist. ChrisC

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