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Multitronics 2000 SX

F. Barbarits


Multitronics 2000 SX | 18 March, 2004

Anyone having experience with the Multitronics 2000 SX, please comment on its accuracy and reliability. Would you also know how old is this model and where to go for service and/or replacement parts.


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Multitronics 2000 SX | 19 March, 2004

Tyco Automation purchased Multitroniks of Warren NJ, as well as Quad Systems of Horsham PA.

Customer Service (U.S. Only) - 800-468-2023 8:00am-8:00pm EST

I believe Tyco Auto has a registration (fee) policy to provide telephone technical support for users that are not the orginal customer.

Can't comment on accuracy and reliability, but what I do know is that its a very low-end performing system.

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Multitronics 2000 SX | 19 March, 2004

We don't know dip about your Multitronics 2000 SX, but there may be another angle to take in addition to the Tyco tact that Pete C proposed.

The facts may not be precise [someone will hopefully straighten things out], but close enough for your needs: * Early on Multitronics was the US distributor of Europlacer [and Ryonics and a jelly doughnut filling machine]. Multitronics branded the Europlacers "Multitronics" [which as Pete C mentioned, Tyco purchase with Quad]. * Years later, seemingly concidently, Europlacer decided to distribute their machine direct in the US under the "Europlacer" name and Multitronics purchased the UK Dynapert placement machine company, renaming it "Multitronics".

So, it's possible the machine you seek background on is a Europlacer machine.

As an aside, for the curious historians in the group, previously, I messed-up a Multitronics / Europlacer story here on SMTnet and a kind sole helped get it correct. So, this version may be the story I told before or it may be the corrected version. [Who can keep track? / Will the planets spin-out of control if it isn't?] Curious minds should search the Archives, rather than repeat it as fact.

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Multitronics 2000 SX | 19 March, 2004

The Multitroniks 2000 series machine was not a Europlacer machine. It was designed and build by Multitroniks as an entry level machine and has a very basic simple design. It has very easy to use software and a very heavy stable platform but quality control was erratic. Some machines performed very well and could place 0402 fairly well although large QFP's could present a problem. Performance will vary from machine to machine.It used the cyber optics laser and their own vision system. The feeders are marginal and will require careful attention. It will not be easy to get support from Tyco as there is no one left in the service department that knows anything about the machine. There are a couple of ex Multitroniks field service guys who can provide help on a per job basis. Parts will be hard to get without canabalizing another machine. By the way, Multitroniks never sold the Royonics machine. The company was actually the old Ragen Corp. who started making light guided assembly stations back in the 70's.

Ex Multitroniks

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Multitronics 2000 SX | 19 March, 2004

ccleland is exactly correct. Ah yes, fond memories of working on the old Ragen locator!! I believe Tyco has discontinued the entire Multitroniks product line (Tyco web site just shows Mirae and Quad Q series machines) and will likely consider the 2000 SX obsolete, therefore providing no support. Plus, I doubt there is anyone remaining in Horsham that knows enough on the 2K SX to provide any meaningfull support. A good enetry-level machine I've seen out there is the Essemtec CSM-7000.

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David Fenton


Multitronics 2000 SX | 21 April, 2004

Dave F is close enough on the Multitronics/Europlacer history. Early Europlacer machines distributed by MT had red stripes and a UFP6000 designation

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Multitronics 2000 SX | 30 April, 2004

Greetings all,

Forget Tyco for any help but try SMS Technologies in England. These fine folk might be able to help, and they make a heck of a jelly filled donut.

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Multitronics 2000 SX | 6 May, 2004

Chris, where are you? Give me a call at Lincoln when you get a chance.

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