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Info on Universal Instruments?



Info on Universal Instruments? | 8 June, 2000

In a previous message, I asked for a company that could sell, setup, service a complete SMT line. Recently, we've been working with Universal Instruments getting quotes on a possible SMT line. So far, I've been impressed at the overall capabilities of machines and integration. Is there anyone who is a customer of Universal who can give me pros/cons or experiences with Universal equipment/service?

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Re: Info on Universal Instruments? | 8 June, 2000

I haven't tried their chip shooters but I haven't found anything(SMT) that couldn't be placed by a GSM. They are very user friendly and come with good support. If you need specific answers to questions, feel free to ask.

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Re: Info on Universal Instruments? | 8 June, 2000

We have GSM1 model 1995. It's very stable. About their chip shooters, Robert Bosch here in Australia just bought 2 more chip shooters from Universal Instruments. And they already have 8 of those. Looks like it's quite okay. I just read that news abt robert bosch from a magazine here in melbourne.

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Re: Info on Universal Instruments? | 8 June, 2000

You asked about info on a line. The only responses have been on a single machine. What type processes are involved? Are you doing a mixed technology application? UIC has probably one of the best technology application labs in the business. But all of the equipment providers offer similar machine applications/ service & support. I think you need to look at what it's going to cost you on a monthly basis to keep equipment running to the specifications you require for your production and then look at the costs of service beyond new warranty. Are replacement parts delivered in a timely/cost effective manner? Is technical service available when you need it? Is a field engineer to support the line/product(s) within a certain geographic location to your facility? What are the costs associated with having them visit your site? What consumables are needed weekly/monthly? How much are those consumables? Are those consumables readily available?

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Eutectic state


Re: Info on Universal Instruments? | 16 June, 2000

Go with Universal. We had Fuji equipment for years. That is all but phased out now and we only are buying Universal. You cannot beat their service. The chip shooters are great. The only cons that I have dealt with is the learning curve on the new equipment. We currently have Universal in house training all of our machine techs. We have well over 70 pieces of Universal equipment ranging from GSM 1 and 2's, HSP 4792, 4795, 4796 and 4796L. All GSM's have the optional PTF (some dual). One of the major pro's that I like is the versatility of the HSP's. Also, I have never had to change out a bad or broken nozzle from these machines. (unlike CP4,CP6). If you are looking at Universal, I would highly recommend it.

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