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RoHS 1/7/2006 (EU)



RoHS 1/7/2006 (EU) | 22 September, 2004

Hello everybody,

are this the values still required by RoHS or there have been some modification ?

- Maximum concentration Lead (Pb) 0,1 weight% - value of heavy metals Mercury 0,1 weight% - Cadmium 0,01 weight% - Chromium VI 0,1 weight% - Maximum concentration PBB 0,1 weight% - value of flame retardants PBDE 0,1 weight%

Many thanks in advance.


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Nick Prince


RoHS 1/7/2006 (EU) | 24 September, 2004

More importantly......

How is it going to be measured? Who is going to measure? Who is going to enforce implimentation? The whole issue is a time bomb waiting to explode.

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