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DEK 260 Stepper Motor Problem

M Deren


DEK 260 Stepper Motor Problem | 11 October, 2004

We have a DEK 260 with a intermittent table align stepper motor problem. The machine will work fine for awhile and then one of the table align motors starts either moving haphazardly in small increments back and forth or vibrates as if it wants to move but does not move. We have tried swapping out the motor, swapping out the driver and stepper cards and still, the problem persists. Has anyone else out there had a similar problem with a DEK 260 (or any stepper for that matter). I keep telling the techs that it might that the motor/controller cable is damaged or or something to that effect (what else could it be?) but they don't seem to think so (seems like getting to that involves allot of work). Is there anything I might be overlooking here?


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DEK 260 Stepper Motor Problem | 13 October, 2004

I have seen stepper motors chatter or vibrate when it has lost one of its phases. You've replaced everything but the cable so I think you are right that it should be checked for an intermittent connection.

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DEK 260 Stepper Motor Problem | 18 October, 2004

Check the ground plane for noise with a scope. Steppers are very sensitive to spurs and will step in response to noise. Resistance welders on the same ground loo[ can be a problem as can seam sealers etc. Denis M Manncorp

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