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MyData tool damage



MyData tool damage | 23 December, 2004

All right all you Mydata techies. Here's the scoop. My old TP9 seems to be damaging (bending) it's A12 and A13 tools way too frequently. Like 4 tools in the last month. It appears the tool is colliding with somthing. My perfect operators SWEAR there not pulling out the mags. during a run. I've checked the tape holddowns on the mags, there fine. Has any one out there in cyberville run into this problem before? If so, I'd like to hear from you.

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MyData tool damage | 23 December, 2004

Over The Hill,

Sounds like you may have an incorrect height specified on a package causing the tool to slam into the board. The most likely cause is removing a magazine while the machine is running but I too have perfect operators who NEVER do that.

Good Luck


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MyData tool damage | 4 January, 2005

Are you sure that the operators are checking pickup placement before the run starts? We had that happen once when yours truly didn't do her job right. Megan

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MyData tool damage | 5 January, 2005 is what I can tell you: I have over $40K worth of bent A12,A13,A14 tools.Yes you heard me right $40K worth. (Since 1995) Mydata used to make a repair kit to fix them but decided to quit. They tell me the reason they quit making the kit is because customers could not do the rebuild correctly.

Anyways here are some things that can cause bent tools: 1. Pulling mags out while mach. is running without pushing the button first.(My operators swear they never do this either) 2. Running the machine before mags are trimmed correctly.(Tool comes down between tape hold downs) 3. Z-force sensor intermittent failure. 4. Bad ribbon cables on the X axis. (The 2 large ones on either side of the X wagon)This can cause all kinds of Z problems. 5. Machine placing parts on top of parts. 6. As mentioned before : incorrect part height.

Hope this is some help.

PS: Does anyone out there know of anyone that is successfully repairing spring loaded Mydata tools ? There is a place out there that advertises they can , but 5 out of 5 I had them repair failed.

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MyData tool damage | 5 January, 2005

WOW Sr.Tech, 40K worth of bent tools? I'm about ready to be sh*t canned because of 1K's worth. As for trimming the mags, the product is running fine (many boards) and then out of nowhere the tool bends, so I assume my PERFECT operators trimmed the mags and parts correctly before the run. X-Wagon ribbon cables have been replaced recently (I replace them once a year just for GP's). As for placing parts on top of another, the machine SHOULD sense the programmed height and not mount the part. I've got a feeling about the intermittent Z-sensor, you might be on to something there. A particular part's package height might be a problem I guess. Thank's for all the replies, feel like I got some direction now. Hope someone replies regarding rebuild kits/service for the tools.

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MyData tool damage | 5 January, 2005

I am not sure if you know this or not, but to check that the Z sensor is functioning:

Go into the service program select show/hide vacuum/force sensor.(This should bring up a little box that shows real time values) Without a tool in the head the force should read like 218. When you push a tool up into the head the force should drop to 180 or so. Then when you push up on the tip of the tool and compress the spring the force should drop to 0. If this does not happen you can usually do one of two things to fix this. 1.) Go into MOTOR>Then Z MOTOR > Then select>CALIBRATE FORCE SENSOR NOTE: you must have a tool in the head when you do this.(Without the tip/spring pushed in) After this calibration the force should drop to 0 when you push in on the spring loaded tip. 2.) Replace the Z sensor cable.

Also before you do the above it is a good idea to take the force sensor LED boards out and make sure that the holes and the LED's are clean. Shoot air through the holes and swab out with a paper towel. (No solvents)

Have fun !

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MyData tool damage | 11 January, 2005


I replaced the Z sensors in the tool head and the Z sensor cable. Fingers crossed........ I'll keep you all posted.

P.S. "Have Fun"? I'm at work, thus not having fun!!!!!

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MyData tool damage | 9 February, 2005

It's been about 1 month since replacing the above parts, and no tool damage so far.

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MyData tool damage | 9 February, 2005

Cool. You are good to go !

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MyData tool damage | 6 March, 2006

I ran this same process by MyData when I was there for training and I received the message that calibrating the force sensor through the service menu was an invalid technique. Correct me if I am wrong, but every tool should recalibrate itself when it is first picked? I would also like to know if the spring travel is the same for every tool. Make certain that you clean the optic sensor "LEDs" (LED/phototransistor) in the tool head as they must be able to zap their crazy little optics without any grease, parts, or obstructions in the way.

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MyData tool damage | 7 March, 2006

I do not rebuild Mydata at present but would like to get started. We rebuild many others and do a good job with them. If you or one of the others using the forum would like to work with me on this please get in touch at

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MyData tool damage | 3 November, 2006

We do repair the spring loaded tools. we have improived the design with a more robust spring also to help the nozzle be alittle more durable. 972-494-1911

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MyData tool damage | 4 November, 2006


Your dragging up a thread from back in 2004 here?


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MyData tool damage | 22 January, 2007

Do you still have the bent tools? I can buy them from you. Thanks, -Michael

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