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Tooling for double sided SMT


Tooling for double sided SMT | 13 April, 2005

My company is just starting to do double sided smt. What options are available for under board support for printing and placing the second side? We are using a Dek 248 printer and Samsung CP Series placement machines.

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 14 April, 2005

what product u are running memory or mother board

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 14 April, 2005

Samsung has bottom side supports available in several configurations, Call dynatech SMT for details 215-675-3566 or

I don't know about the DEK but I am sure that they have supports.

no beneficial association with the above mentioned companies in any way.

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 14 April, 2005 good stuff!

good luck, pr

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 14 April, 2005

We use the standard supports that come with the machine.

Print a 1:1 transparency of the first pass side of the pcb including mechanical outline and components. Your customer may need to supply this.

Flip this over and tape it into position at the machine's mechanical stop so that it duplicates the position of the pcb when you are going to run second pass.

You now have a guide to position your supports so that they don't interfere with the first pass components. You will find that 99% of the time, with a little thought, you can get enough support in there so that there is no need to change the tooling from first to second pass.

Support pin height, if they are adjustable, is set to a bare board, you just have to mark or remember their relative positions re the pcb and place them near to this position in the "real" set up. This will account for any differences in parallel between the conveyor rails and the device which is holding your support pins.

I like this method. It teaches you to think about set up and how important it is to the whole shebang.

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 15 April, 2005

For DEK supports heres a link for soft supports.

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 18 April, 2005

FormFlex and the GridLok system will not work on a semi-automatic printer. They were designed for fully automatic machines. The print table is very shallow on the DEK 248, SMTechs and MPM SPM, UP100 and MicroFlex. DEK should have magnetic base support pins that you can place where needed. Contact DEK for solutions.

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 21 April, 2005

Here is the name of another good company to contact:

Production Solutions, Inc. 12675 Danielson Court Suite # 403 Poway, CA 92064 P: 858-486-1088 F: 856-486-9178 Contact: Doug Farlow E-mail: Web Site:

This is a manufacturer of substrate support tooling systems for both semiauotomatic and in-line printers. They sell to most of the manufacturers of printing equipment but you can deal direct with them as well!

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Tooling for double sided SMT | 22 April, 2005

Check out Transistion Automation. They are really reasonable in price. or

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