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Pallet For PCB

Mark Deren


Pallet For PCB | 7 March, 2000

Does anyone know of a vendor who manufactures pallets for PCB's. I have a couple of boards where the parts are too close to the edge to allow them to be placed in my Pick & Place equipment (nozzle will hit conveyor rail). I know that pallets are made for wavesolder machines, but this device would need to work in a conveyorized line which would include my screenprinter (DEK265GS) and placement machinery (Fuji CP/IP). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pallet For PCB | 7 March, 2000

Mark, You should be able to get whoever builds your wavesolder pallets to create some you can also use in SMT. The only difference is you might have to change pallet materials to reduce the weight.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong

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Chris McDonald


Re: Pallet For PCB | 7 March, 2000

Try EMC Global Technologies or Transistion Automation.


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Re: Pallet For PCB | 8 March, 2000

I would get the board vendor to put rails on the board.

Tenison Stone Telex Communications

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Scott K


Re: Pallet For PCB | 8 March, 2000

For the Transition Automation pallets that Chris mentioned, they can be contacted at, or 1-800-648-3338.

"SMT pallets", as compared to those specific to just wave solder, are becoming increasingly popular.

Good Luck

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Re: Pallet For PCB | 8 March, 2000

Depending on the volume of work, it may be less costly and more efficient to have the board vendor add "breakaway" panels to the board to increase it's overall size. This would move the parts away from the edge of the rail, yet would negate the expense of dedicated tooling.

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Re: Pallet For PCB | 13 March, 2000

Breakaways are clearly the best solution for us in manufacturing.

A big difference between wavesolder pallets and SM pallets is the need for a flush top surface for stencil to PCB contact in the printer. One vendor has a device which hold the PCB in place and is virtually flush with the PCB. Contact Dennis Miller at Summit Precision Inc, (602) 268-3550.


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