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IP3 Lock-Up

Larry Johnson


IP3 Lock-Up | 24 February, 2000

I have seen this problem several times on several different IP3's... When the MTU is about to pick a part from the tray, the machine will just stop. No error, just says, "producting", in green. E-stop, reset and start again, and you hear air from around the parts carrier, and right back to the waiting, where it says "producting" Power down, re-zero, all that.. Sometimes have to power down two or three times to clear this. Any ideal what this might be? Anyone else seen this before? I hope this was clear enough to understand, if not please let me know... Thanks.. JAX, I know you and I have seen this before in Austin.. HELP!!!!

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Re: IP3 Lock-Up | 24 February, 2000

What's happening Larry, I would help you if I could but I don't remember what the fix was. Do you have it set to reject the trays? This might be what the problem is. We had to turn the tray eject option off on multiple machines due to errors like this. Eventually we turned them all off, less trouble. So how are you liking it in the Dallas area? Talk to you later, JAX

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D Scott


Re: IP3 Lock-Up | 24 February, 2000


I have seen this problem on our IP-3 also. You can recover from this without powering down by going into the I/O page and turning off that particular function. The machine should be fine once you exit out of the I/O page. It almost acts like the machine is trying to pick up an empty tray and dump it when it should not be. Hope this will help.


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Re: IP3 Lock-Up | 25 February, 2000

...problem? Are you not sure its not a "feature". LOL

I have had the same problem...spent many hours tracing down the sequence of events which leeds up to this situation. No real solution...however, I use the key command zero set feature rather than power down...this saves about 4 minutes. What is your firmware version? Is this problem universal on all programs? Have you sent Fuji your trace codes for "debug"? Might help. I suspect the problem is related to the "t" in producting!

My situation occures about once per month. Liveable.


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