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Squeegee Blades



Squeegee Blades | 18 February, 2000

Ok folk's so it's staw poll time...How are you storing you squeegee baldes? I've been asked / told / commanded to look at how we're storing our DEK and MPM Squeegee blades and improve it. Currently they are held in a cabinate matrix with the blades pointing up the way. However I've seen em laying on the blades, sitting square on the blades and so on. yesterday I got a guy who cut his finger on one removing it from the current storage. So does anyone know of a method os hanging the blades or storing them better??


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Re: Squeegee Blades | 18 February, 2000

Fitness-for-use is a very important aspect of a squeegee. The most delicate and important element of the squeegee is the blade. Regardless of how you store 'em protect the blades! I know MPM has blade covers bud don't know about DEK. I'm sure they would be willing to sell you something.

I use drawers (vidmar style) and "hangers". But all squeegees have blade covers!


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Re: Squeegee Blades | 18 February, 2000


As a supplier of squeegee blades, we ship them out in clear plastics tubes at the approximate length of the blade itself. The ends of the tube have simple slide-on end caps. After visiting many customers sites, I've found that most of them keep these "shipping" tubes as a simple, economical, and safe means of storage.

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Dane Stokes


Re: Squeegee Blades | 19 February, 2000

I agree with Scott. When not in use we store the squeegee blades in the original plastic shipping containers. Keeping them in the containers also gives you something to label the sqeegees with as to different pitches or lenghts and different machine types.

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