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Current capability



Current capability | 1 March, 2000


Do anybody know if is existing an empirical rule that can show me how many amps can carry a plated through hole with a diameter of x.xx millimeters?

Is there a formula depending on X.XX value that could help me to make such calculations? How much increase the current for the same hole used to solder a pin, or filled with tinn? Do you know other www sites where I can find such informations?

Thanks, Sorin.

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Re: Current capability | 1 March, 2000

Sorin: Formulas for calculating heat dissipation of traces don�t seem to provide practical results. But there are some wonderful tables and graphs that will meet you needs. You may need to do some finagling when calculating vias and through holes, but that will be based upon the trace that you�re plating into the hole. Try:

� IEC 326-3 "Guide For the Design and Use Of Printed Wiring Boards" � IPC-D-275 "Design Standard For Rigid Printed Boards And Rigid Printed Board Assemblies" � IPC-2221 "Generic Standard on Printed Board Design" � PCBTEMP ( is a PCB trace current/temperature calculator that allows you to enter the required track widths/currents/thickness/temp rise etc & works out the required result.

Good luck

Dave F

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