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The ever-expanding reference library


The ever-expanding reference library | 30 January, 2001

Looking for recommendations for references on quality an process control.....SPC, process capability (cp, cpk), etc.

My feet are a little wet on this stuff, but we'll be implementing soon so I'll need a reference to bail me out on occasion. You know, like daily. Is Juran too theoretical for a novice? Is it a must? Any others? Anything that deals well with practical application of this stuff (implementation in particular) would be welcome to head off disasters before they happen.



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The ever-expanding reference library | 30 January, 2001

Juran�s "Quality Control Handbook" [McGraw Hill] is an excellent resource. It is, by and large, accessible by those who are not conversant in the Central Limit Theorem [like who is?], although it will help explain whatever that thing is that I just said. The book is three inches thick, has 30-some chapters, and gives very good introductions to a wide range of quality topics. And one part that I really like is the chapters, while generally written by different people, are tied together by references to other chapters, unlike so many so called "handbooks". [There, I got that off my chest.]

"Statistical Process Control for SMT" William Messina, Datasleuths. This book is the first that is written for the application of statistical process control (SPC) techniques to surface mount technology (SMT). It gives the practitioner guidance in the appropriate techniques to apply to the manufacturing line to assure that specified quality levels are achieved. This book applies the concept of data sleuthing to solve the "excessive variation" on the manufacturing line. Data Sleuthing is based on three elements: statistical tools, manufacturing strategies, and deductive reasoning and logic. I plan a review of this book in a upcoming SMTnet Newsletter.

"Statistic Quality Control" EL Grant & RS Leavenworth, McGraw Hill. It�s in it�s seventh edition. Need I say more?

"Optimizing Quality In Electronics Assembly" JA Smith & FB Whitehall, McGraw Hill. This book is subtitled "A Heretical Approach." Maybe it takes such an approach, but it seems like there are better places to spend one�s book dollar. [Or may be I keep flashing back on Cardinal Ximinez of Spain (Palin) ranting about how no one expects the Spanish Inquisition]

I can easily ignore most articles in "Quality Magazine" except, my favorite column "Wheeler�s Workshop". "Understanding Statistical Process Control" DJ Wheeler & DS Chambers, SPC Press does not stray too far from discussions about control charts.

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The ever-expanding reference library | 31 January, 2001

A website you could visit is:

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The ever-expanding reference library | 31 January, 2001

"Statistical Process Control for Surface Mount Technology" (0967503396) William S. Messina, Ph.D., President, Data Sleuths, 8311 Via de Ventura #2075 Scottsdale, AZ 85258: 602-321-0549 Fax: 480-348-9636

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The ever-expanding reference library | 1 February, 2001

I stand corrected. Juran is closer to 2 1/2" thick and has 48 chapters. The scary part ... Al "no controlling legal authority" "I invented the internet" Gore wrote one of the chapters.

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The ever-expanding reference library | 2 February, 2001

I think the datasleuths read might be the way to go this time around. I think my QE has a copy of Juran, so an SMT specific book might fill my immediate need better. Thanks for your invaluable input as usual, Dave. Since one of the changes in the new 5th edition of Juran is that it alledgedly addresses the software side of quality management, perhaps the $50 increase over the 4th edition price can be in part attributed to Gore's priceless contribution to the world of technology. Bwa, ha, ha.

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